The Prophetic-Revolutionary Tradition

The Prophetic Tradition There is an idea called “dispensationalism,” which means that multiple different prophetic figures across history are all true prophets, instead of there being a single prophet, and potentially that they are part of some kind of connected lineage. Omnism is a belief that all religions are true, which could extend to a […]

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Lenin Was A Punk

That’s only half a compliment.  It’s also half an insult.  Like punk, Lenin was pure polarization (and many punks are also bipolar, whether by birth or as a result of living intense or traumatized lives which drive their brain chemistry toward polarization). You can’t help but feel conflicted about Lenin in the same way that […]

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The Struggle Against Oppression Can’t Advance Under Capitalism

It’s really hard to be surrounded by a massive and enthusiastic political movement, already knowing it’s going to end up hurting its own cause and its own participants more than it helps them. Incoming: Extreme Crackdown and Extreme Counterrevolution The backlash has been brutal.  Response to the protests has been hard mass repression combined with […]

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