Next Steps for Disappointed Liberals


Is it true that there is a national wave of harassment, assault, and bigotry in the wake of Trump’s victory?


Is it the end of the world?


We can figure out a way to fight back against this.

Keep in mind that the Democrats told you Trump’s victory would be the end of the world for months.

They really whipped you up into hysterical fear.

Keep in mind that they needed to do this.

They had a deep investment in doing this.

They had to do this to sell us the necessity of voting for the most pro-corporate piece-of-shit candidate they have ever run.

And now that they’ve lost, what do they do?

They act like it’s business as usual.

They tell us Trump is an okay guy.

They tell us it’s business as usual.

They shake his hand.

They tell us to get used to it.

Something is deeply inconsistent here.

Maybe the truth is Trump isn’t actually is bad as they made him sound.

Maybe they had to make him sound that bad to scare us into voting for Clinton.

Maybe some of his supporters are pretty bad.

But just keep this in mind:

Whether your fears were legitimate, or not legitimate, the Democrats capitalized on your fear.

The Democrats stoked, intensified, and exaggerated your fear.

They played on your fears to try to elect a corporate piece of shit.

This is not a legitimate use of your fear.

You should be angry at the way they used your fear.

You should take a deep breath, and separate the legitimate fears you may have, from the hysterical exaggerated emotions the Democrats gave you for their own political manipulation.

Don’t have Stockholm Syndrome to a corporate party.


This part is pretty simple.  We’re angry and scared.  Now we just need to do something about it.  Let’s translate our emotions into action.

We need to organize groups for solidarity and defense of the groups targeted by Trump’s rhetoric.  These can be easily done as an extension of the anti-Trump protests.  They don’t need to have guns.  They can just use the power of numbers and social pressure, and fists if necessary.  Guns can come later if it comes to that.


You can recover from this defeat…

…but first you must let it shake you to the depths of your soul.

You must let it completely remake your concept of politics.

You must not repeat your mistakes.

You must not rush into the next election.

You must not be looking to the 2018 midterms.

You must not be looking to the 2020 Presidential election.

Besides, Bernie will be almost dead and Elizabeth Warren is a hawk.

No one in the Democrats is even close to a half-socialist like Sanders.

No one in that party is even anywhere near as principled.  Not in our lifetime.

You must not be looking to the DNC chair election, to reform the Democratic Party.

Give up.

Give up.

Give up.

You lost.

Your ways failed.

They purged Bernie.

But it’s not that just your ways failed.

It’s that deep down, we knew they could never work.

We knew this was just a giant exercise to stir the pot.

We knew there was a solid wall around the Democratic Party keeping it from ever working for us.

They’ll rig the party again.

They’ll keep the corporate forces in the Party in power.

They’ll do it by any means necessary.

They’ll be even more devious about it next time.

They’ll get someone who sounds like a reformer, someone who sounds anti-corporate.

They’ll get someone who sounds like Bernie…

…but who isn’t.

…remember Obama?

Remember Clinton?



Recreate your entire model of politics.

Stop worrying about every election.

Elections happen all the time.

Start thinking about deeper systems.

Think about the capitalist economic system that the elections happen on top of.

Give up on having to influence every election.

Every election doesn’t matter.

Study the history of mass movements in the 1960s, the 1930s.

Study the history of the labor movement.

Study the history of how when mass movements of people mobilize, it doesn’t matter who is in office.

Governments roll over and give people concessions.

Think about what kind of power we need to build to replace the entire economic system that keeps giving us shitty parties and shitty elections.

Think about what kind of new party we need to build to get us to get us to that new economic system.

Think about what kinds of movements, and what kinds of organizations, we need to build, to help us build a new party.

Start building that new party.

Reorient and rededicate your entire political life to this new set of priorities.

Take as much time as you need to absorb all this.

Re-read this a few times.

Talk to me if you need to.


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