The Solar Empire

Donald Trump will never be President.

I am declaring my personal imperial rule over the Solar System on January 20th, 2017.  This unified planetary/interplanetary government, based first on the spiritual-geopolitical unit of the Sun and everything that orbits it, shall be known as the Solar Empire.  This overrules any jurisdiction Trump has over the United States.

At first it is merely a government of immediate planetary unification — a NEW WORLD ORDER — in alignment with the unity of the Solar System.  Then it will be a government of interplanetary unity within the solar system, then interstellar, galactic, and ultimately infinite.

My imperial rule will have elements of my personal divine rule it will also be overwhelmingly dominated by extreme democracy in the workplace, one-person-one-vote direct democracy in the public sphere, and the rise of an unprecedented planet-wide coordinated direct democracy in which everyone on the planet votes on policies.  An extreme direct-democratic monarchy with workers’ control of the means of production, if you will.

However there are some basic minimums to the Solar Empire which, as Emperor, I will simply impose unilaterally.  Human necessities and dignities are non-negotiable.  Everyone eats, everyone gets healthcare, these things are obvious, I will impose these things by military force.  Anyone who gets in the way gets shot and I don’t expect resistance will be firm.

Also critical to the Solar Empire is mandatory fun.  The state will organize awesome parties every weekend, libations are gratis, and attendance is compulsory.  Dodgers don’t get shot, just nagged.  Everyone will be compelled into the state religion by Marian conversion, ie everyone is just declared a member even if they didn’t agree to it — in fact you are already a member right now, welcome to Saturnism — in which psychedelic substances are considered holy communion.  I haven’t decided if this will be on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis yet.  I could go either way.

Elsewhere I will detail my plans and programs for the Planet, for America, and for Philadelphia.

As mentioned, the Solar Empire has a spiritual component.

For too long the Left has regarded itself as merely politico-economic.  Humanity needs more than this, it needs aspirational beauty combined with its politics that reaches into the symbolic and the divine.  If it is invented, so much the better.  But the symbol I have chosen as the center of the Empire is the most universal human symbol of all — — the Sun — the center of all things indeed.

Which brings me to my next point — also for too long the Left has assigned itself a role of subversion, seeing itself as an agent of social decay.  Instead I wish to see a Left that sees itself unabashedly as a New Order, and that order can be a good thing — not as a force of darkness but as a force of Holy Light.  We can cease monolithically celebrating the margins and once again celebrate the Center.  If I may truly risk offending the gatekeepers of propriety, the imagery of the Sun is an inversion of femininity-worship and a conscious nod to neglected and disrespected masculine energies.

The Sun is fire, energy, positivity, affirmation, overcoming, triumph, life.  It is the underlying basis for all the world’s states.  It is the underlying basis for all the world’s religions.  It is thus fitting for the Solar Empire, the first global all-human religion-state.

It is true that there is a healthy balance to life.  I have nothing against lunar energies, against the beauty of darkness, against the energy of Chaos, yin as well as yang.  I embrace these things as well.  With the Solar Empire I seek to restore the spiritual balance.

So what are the principles and ideals upon which the Solar Empire is based?

GLORY! — risk and confrontation!

CONNECTION! — communication and coexistence!

COHERENCE! — conception and systematization!

And galaxy-spanning parties that go so hard they threaten the fabric of space-time:


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