Explain Anti-Racism to a Dumbass


You can’t just tell people they’re bad people for being racist anymore.  Trump won.

We have to talk to people who aren’t liberals and who aren’t politically correct.  This is how:


People in the USA weren’t spontaneously racist against black people.  It was economic, and it began with slavery.

White indentured servants and Native American kept escaping and blending in with communities.  Imported Africans understandably couldn’t do this so they made the best slaves.

Racism was then invented to justify the big business of slavery.

Now the post-slavery black situation, of essentially being refugees from having nothing as slaves, never having received compensation or reparations for their work, and living under a system shaped by the racism developed under slavery, leads to poor performance in the modern day, which leads other people to racist conclusions that black people are just inferior or lazy, but this is a misunderstanding of the situation out of ignorance, and accidental victim-blaming.

Meanwhile, the white working class has legitimate grievances of its own and finds an exclusive focus on race alienating and even perceives it as reverse racism.  At the same time, not talking about race at all wouldn’t be enough either.

Ultimately the wealthy are laughing at all of us and enjoying our divided state.


So, you know, given that black people still exist in a semi-refugee status from slavery, and are still crushed under a system shaped by the racism developed and justified under slavery as indicated by all these great quantifiable measures of racism in the USA, it might make sense to you that rather than being just a total freeloader human waste population (since more whites collect welfare), black people are actually an integral part of the American working class, and you literally will not be able to organize resistance to the bosses and wealthy without cross-racial unity.  You can’t organize a strike when the workforce has racial gangs committing hate crimes against each other in the locker room.  And you can’t organize a revolution when people are in the middle of a race war — though, a revolution might be the perfect thing, actually, to take the steam out of a race war and keep it from even happening.

Any anger deflected toward racial scapegoats is anger that should be aimed at the top, and we have to get in the business of re-channeling every drop of social anger in the correct direction.  Yes, you’ll probably get further in the USA by talking about how black and white should unite and fight rather than Black Lives Matter being the only thing on the menu, but if you hit people over the head with the fact that racism was started over money and it’s continued to extract and exploit profits and keep down and divide the working class, you might actually get through to people who aren’t particularly convinced by being told to check their privilege or being called racist, ie literally fucking everyone.


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