Socialist Strategy in the Trump Era

We’ve been an incoherent mess, reacting to events instead of charting a course.  Let’s get it together.



It’s been an incoherent, unfocused clusterfuck

A struggle has emerged to reform the Democratic Party, as well as various people talking about midterm elections and the 2020 Presidential race.

The wave of anti-Trump protests, variously a spectrum between Clinton supporter grief vigils and actual anti-bigotry protests, have fizzled out.  If any anti-fascist, anti-racist, or anti-sexist organizing has continued out of those, it is far less visible.  I suspect insofar as it exists, it has no clear direction whatsoever and has probably collapsed into total inactivity.

The Dakota Access Pipeline struggle has been ongoing and had some victories.

There has been a petition to flip some electors in the Electoral College against Trump, and this may actually happen, or maybe it’s a delusion.  Some liberals and leftists have been drawn to these efforts.


good luck reforming the Democratic Party when they continue resorting to the most vile identitarian slander

In terms of reforming the Democrats or petitioning the Electoral College, whether these things are actually possible or worthwhile is not something I care to discuss here; my focus is always how to utilize or at least properly read the over-arching political situation in order to build socialist forces, and so myself and other people oriented like myself won’t be oriented towards those activities.

One anti-Democrat leftist instinct might be to channel energy toward movements instead.  I have my doubts about that, to be addressed later, and would instead prefer to pursue direct socialist recruiting.

We don’t even really need to talk about the Greens.  Their low result rendered them safely irrelevant to the point that we can skip directly to organizing explicitly socialist local candidacies.

What room for that exists?  That’s a case-by-case question depending on locale, both in terms of what local races exist, what organizations exist locally, how much they’ve been brought together and overcome previously-existing sectarian divisions.  Getting the groups together for a sitdown peace conference/local electoral campaign exploratory strategy delegation might be a good first step if it hasn’t already been done.

In all seriousness a number of socialist groups are seeing sharp spikes in growth and this is the time that the beginnings of a mass party could be established.  Unity is something to at least discuss and practice where possible.  Sadly many of the groups on the Left remain sectarian, hostile toward each other, or just so dysfunctional or sectarian that the key question remains not so much how to unify all the groups, but what advice for actions or strategies to give to groups which are actually sane enough to listen, so that they may most successfully grow as quickly as they can.



Next Section: Fascism/Anti-Fascism


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