Ethical Nihilism/Naked Class Struggle/Kill the Rich

From the film Make American Gape Again (NSFW).  Political correctness disclaimer of non-endorsement.

Part of the Socialist Strategy in the Trump Era Series

The 2016 Presidential election is the election where porn won: the election where the social standards of porn became the universal standards of America.  Welcome to the administration of Celebrity Apprentice.

We have to internalize the reality of the new terrain.  No one cares if we shame them anymore.

America has lost all shame.  America has become a porn shoot.  We’re going to wag our disapproving fingers at the participants, and they’re just going to keep on fucking.

They seem like they’re having fun.

Why aren’t we?

Porn is very honest about life’s physicality, and the physicality of our honest desires and preferences, and who’s got what, and who doesn’t.

Is this kind of honesty liberating, reactionary, paradoxically both, or something else, something new?

We can now only fight the capitalists, not from a moral high ground…

…but from naked self-interest.

Let’s stop being noble saviors.  Let’s start being utterly unashamed that we are self-centered Millennials who want free stuff and our entire politics are centered around the fact that the economy has fucked us over, we are poor, we want more money, and human rights are nice but they’re not really the core of what motivates us or shouldn’t be.  Naked class struggle is.  It’s not so much that I’m against identity politics as that I simply exist outside of it.  I don’t think it’s going to change my life and I don’t even think it’s going to change the lives of the groups it’s supposed to apply to.  It seems like a guilt-trip, whereas I am completely indignant against my condition and have no guilt at all.  The world has clearly not given any kind of fuck about us, so we’re going to go ahead and not give a fuck about the world right back.

Fuck “serve the people.”  Serve ourselves.  And fuck anyone who says otherwise.

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