Self-Deification Method 1: Become the Nexus

Part of the YOU ARE A GOD — ACT LIKE IT Series

The forking possibilities of the multiverse

Easy: simply embrace your existence as the central (or one of several central) nexus point(s) along and between all psychic, physical, temporal, human, synchronicitous, reincarnative and conceptual pathways.  (We can have redundant routers, and hell, we probably should.)


Yeah, that’s a lot to handle.

Be a nexus-point of the dotted particle Pac-Man lines of all paths of motion of all objects, all people, all concepts, all religions, all history, all reincarnations, and all thoughts.

Everything is a line over time, or a series of particles/iterations in a line.  All physical objects are a line in motion over time.


All human lives are progressions through time, also human bodies are physical objects in motion, a line in motion over time like any other object.

A human soul, over several lifetimes, is possibly the progression of a soul through a series of incarnations, and the webwork of souls passing through various lives — possibly several souls passing through the same life — this creates the webwork of psychic connection, or is at least one of the mechanisms, among possibly several others.

The multiverse of time has many possibilities, and thus many forks in its road.  These form lines too.  And you must imagine each one of these lines now pointing through you.

Imagine Christianity as a lineage, for example.  It has a past, it has a future.  It has many distinct strands, actually.  Imagine all these strands as invisible lines.

Now imagine that all these invisible lines intersect through you.

Now apply this to literally everything.

Simply begin seeing yourself as the convergence point for all these things.

See yourself as the nexus point of all religions.  See yourself as the nexus point of all ideologies.  See yourself as the nexus point of all historical events.  See yourself as the nexus point of all personal plotlines.  See yourself as the nexus for all spacetime.  See yourself as the nexus point for all significance.  (Note — you can actually do that without diminishing the significance of anything else in the universe if you want, you don’t have to belittle anything, you can see yourself as a channeling point for the grand harmony and equality of everything if you want.  Or you can see yourself as a vast evil vampire drawing off of everything for your own narcissistic purposes.  Or a mixture, or degrees of them, or both, or whatever you want, really.  You can also define good and evil as you wish, given that you are choosing to define yourself as the nexus point of all ethics.)

The more pathways (or iterations) you accumulate, the more gravity you have, and the more pathways and iterations draw toward you without you even trying.

Gravity is when you draw iterations, levity is when you expel them.

(Pathways and iterations are just versions of each other.  There are no particles without waves, there are no waves without particles.)

You also don’t have to have a messiah complex to see the entire universe as intersecting through you (you are definitely allowed to, though it’s extra pressure).  Realistically, the entire universe intersects through everyone.  As Hermann Hesse said in the introduction to Demian,

every man is more than just himself; he also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world’s phenomena intersect, only once in this way and never again. That is why every man’s story is important, eternal, sacred; that is why every man, as long as he lives and fulfills the will of nature, is wondrous, and worthy of every consideration

I should warn you: once you do this, you will find yourself having some pretty massive thoughts.  You will find your mind working on problems of the most general sort, on the nature of existence itself, questions of time, mind and matter, physics, darkness and light, good and evil, vast things, fundamental things, and you will find yourself making rapid progress in cohering and systematizing all the thoughts you have ever had over the course of your entire life, plus some astounding new ones, and rapid progress on very vast and very general problems and questions you had never really considered before or had only considered before in passing or perhaps a very long time ago, in a frightening new way which you may never have before experienced.

I mean, don’t be too scared, though?  Because it’s completely awesome?  It’s been that way so far for me anyway.


Some of these things are accomplished through actions you take in a rather mundane sense.

The nexus of all physical pathways: all roads lead to Rome.  Become a geographic center of gravity by becoming a social and economic center, become a social center of people by being the social butterfly, become an economic center by having your own life together by being centered within yourself, etc.  To be clear these seem mundane but are more mental, magical, and spiritual than they might seem: they all rest on the inner work of being internally organized.

You can also create a gravity well in the spacetime of the multiverse toward the path of possibilities you wish to inhabit, ie the things you want to happen, by knowing what you want, having a clear purpose and acting toward it, a deeply magical state of being.  Living a life of both purpose and continuous contemplation of the divine will lead you to an existence where you find that things that you want and need simply appear before you on your path, not in a way that you can necessarily count or plan on, but in a way that is a sheer delight all the same.  The pathways provide, trust in the Force, trust in life; also do your work.

Finally, a note for the more skeptical-minded among us.  Reincarnation?  Reincarnation obviously duh, because universe, infinity, eternity, on repeat, blah blah, obvious.  It’s a statistical inevitability, even Nietzsche said so with his doctrine of eternal recurrence.  As far as souls/consciousness which I roughly equate as the same thing, I’ll simply point out that the mere fact that there is a neurochemical correlation between a red objects appearing before someone’s eyeball, and a person experiencing the color red, does not mean that the experience of the color red is reducible to neurochemistry.  If the traditional past definition of matter is something that has mass and takes up space, a person’s experience of the color red doesn’t seem to have any mass or take up any space — it is quite ghostly and metaphysical.  I have suspicions toward ideas of the quantum mind, that thought is a refined version of matter and matter is a coarse version of thought, and much of our own individual thinking probably occurs nonlocationally, spread across the universe in various scattered, entangled particles.

The point of bringing up quantum physics is not to say it explains every paranormal phenomenon, but simply to open your mind — if there are bizarre physical phenomena that can connect infinite distance instantaneously like quantum entanglement that we already know of, think of all the physical mechanisms that do even more amazing things which we may not yet have even discovered.

When in doubt, just imagine yourself as the Sun in its absolute centrism.

Next section.


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