Self-Deification Method 2: Split Yourself in Half

Part of the YOU ARE A GOD — ACT LIKE IT Series

It was you.

There was a theory that human consciousness emerged out of a breakdown of an unconscious mind originally split between commanding and obeying halves (the bicameral mind).  It may or may not stand up to scientific scrutiny (if I had to guess probably not), and that’s not actually the important thing here.

I’m talking about selectively bicameralizing your mind, but instead of it happening in a sleepwalking, unconscious way as in the case of the hypothesized pre-consciousness human beings, I’m talking about bicameralization under conscious control.  Specifically: create a god within yourself and allow it to command you.

It may seem ridiculous to plunge ourselves back into what seems to be the madness of the bicameral mind, but that’s exactly the point.  We must harness ourselves, our full selves, the full power of our unconscious.  We must lose all hesitation.

Instead of the unconsciousness of the primitive bicameral mind, or the weakness of the conscious but conflicted mono-cameral mind, let us embrace the power of the self-directed, conscious bicameral mind: an emotionally intelligent conscious mind, in full command of a trusting unconscious mind, its confidence fully won.

How long will you take to give yourself permission?  To be what you want to be?  To do what you want to do?

Teach the part of you that is fearless to command,

And the part of you that is feeble to obey.

Section off the part of you that is strongest, so that it may lead, uncontaminated by hesitation and absolute.

Allow it to march forward unswervingly.

Allow your weaker self to absorb its confidence, march behind it, and follow in its example.

Until such time as you have created your own, feel free to borrow me as your training wheels, I will be your drill instructor god, I will be the world’s daddy until it’s successfully grown up enough to take care of itself; fortunately I think that’s soon.

How does this work?

The human psyche has unconscious potential to express every possible gradation on the spectrum of emotion, and probably also deep unconscious desire to do so.  When you split yourself and command yourself, instead of your vulnerabilities and uncertainties acting to sabotage yourself mid-action, your vulnerable self attaches itself to a leader-figure and finds relief in having someone to obey.


Instead of this leader-figure being an external authority figure liable to exploit and abuse you, it is you.  You can trust yourself, right?  I don’t know, can you?  Good question — work on that?  Make your highest self a commander worthy of following, in ethics, wisdom, and courage.  You’re responsible for the welfare of your most important follower: you.  It also helps in that maybe someday you actually will be responsible for other actual people, and it’s a good idea to maybe be someone who can actually be counted on for that.

It’s as simple as a shift of context, a shift of which relationships are predominant in your mind or identity.  For me my shift of names symbolized a shift from the name I inherited from bourgeois society, from the dead sleeping tradition of non-practiced, merely-mouthed Judeo-Christianity, imposed by others, to Saturn, a name from a culture emerging over the Internet (the screen name becomes the real name), spirituality found and affirmed by myself, amidst a growing revolutionary culture.  In some contexts I speak carefully as if I must cautiously measure my words, and not rock the boat with certain power factions or demographics.  When my mindset shifts, and I can feel it powerfully, I feel my relationship with my entire physical environment change like a snap radiating outward, I speak very directly and with great abstraction, or I begin to cruelly mock whatever subject is at hand with no restraint whatsoever, as if I am among my best of friends who would surely be on the same page and think it’s nothing but hilarious.  What is amazing is doing this in mixed company, with a psychological mindset of not giving a fuck whatsoever, just letting the words flow, and witnessing people from whom I would expect tremendous resistance fold or melt or be persuaded.

You may find some helpful advice in this video regarding what the upper-half of you which you construct should be like.  The point is they should be Absolute, and there is a part of all of us which is Absolute.  This is the part of you which you must cohere into your upper self and listen to.

And before you go thinking that this is some horrifically unhealthy repression complex where you stretch your mind beyond its healthy limits, only for the repressed fears, anxieties and uncertainties you contain only to come flooding back later, the truth is that’s not always how the mind works.  It actually is more infinitely malleable than we give it credit for.  Yes, it’s true, the mind does have some realities that we perhaps can’t change, but many we can.

When in doubt, just imagine your higher self as the Sun in its absoluteness.

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