Self-Deification Method 3 — Systematic Cumulative Ethos Construction

Part of the YOU ARE A GOD — ACT LIKE IT Series


This one is a short one.  Basically you just take all the cheesy, false-ringing motivational sayings and slogans found on fitness posters, hallmark cards, “spiritual” Facebook groups, and whatever positivity culture, and you ceaselessly read philosophy and/or take psychedelics until you actually encounter valid logical reasoning justifying all of these things as literally, logically, provably true.  You may also find yourself having shifts in religious or spiritual belief as you encounter valid logical arguments for concepts or possibilities which you previously dismissed.

As you proceed, it is critical to record your progress in a systematic fashion, ie actually write your observations and findings down in a systematic, well-filed fashion (also not subject to destruction by spilling a coffee on your laptop).  It’s more important to record the logic and justifications for the super-positive platitudes than the super-positive platitudes themselves; those are usually obnoxiously easy to remember and you probably don’t need to be told to write those down.  It helps to use gdocs or something you can have quick access to on a smartphone, or a notepad you carry everywhere, or just something you have on you all the time, immediately accessible on an instant’s notice should something immediately and unexpectedly pop into your head.

Your notes will be very stream-of-consciousness; over time you may want to produce more clear essays out of them which systematize them.  It’s important to be rigorous, check your work, and make sure you’re dividing inspiration from substance.  But it’s nice when they turn out to be the same thing, and sometimes they do, hopefully more and more over time.

You may also find that many of your “discoveries” have also been covered by previous thinkers; when I was first getting into this I was astounded by exactly how many of the original thoughts I had were stated in almost exactly the same fashion already by Alan Watts back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Don’t be discouraged.  Great minds think alike and it’s okay to re-tread the same ground if you’re treading the Elyisan fields.

To be clear, I didn’t actually discover this one on purpose.  Then again, I didn’t precisely discover any of this exactly on purpose.

When in doubt, just imagine yourself as the Sun in its absolute light.

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