Your New Life as a God

Part of the YOU ARE A GOD — ACT LIKE IT Series


I am not the only divine being descended to Earth.  We all are.  We are all gods.  As such we have a duty to overthrow the corrupt capitalist plutocracy which strangles and enslaves our lives.

The implications, however, are not only political.

God is the universe having a conversation with itself.

The face of God is a person having a conversation with themselves, directly.

The body of God is a person having a conversation with themselves, through the intermediary of the entire universe, avoidance of directness here being a virtue, so that the entire universe is included.

If God is omnipresent, in everything and everyone, love and romance are endless tangles of God encountering themselves, also flirting with, falling for, worshiping, fighting with, rejecting, declining, dismissing, and reconciling with themselves.

So what happens?  Should we embrace absolute universal kindness toward each other, recognizing that all is one?  Or should we emphasize our own individual godhood as supreme over all others’?  After all, the gods on Mount Olympus didn’t exist in golden harmony — if anything they were the most dramatic lot of all, with petty conflicts of jealousy, affairs, rivalry, and anger, all the base passions.  Maybe being a god is merely base passion to the infinite degree.

Rather than resolve that choice, the correct answer is that you should feel strongly pulled in the direction of both, and the true correct response to the new deified situation is precisely the situation of emotional conflictedness between both.

The point is not to resolve the contradiction between selfish cruelty and selfless kindness, but to simply escalate it infinitely, to the status of godhood.  After all, if we’re gods, I’m sure we’ll be smart enough to figure something out.


Sometimes when a situation is hurting others, helping each other is our way of relieving our own pain, or giving ourselves pleasure.  And sometimes, when things are too boringly nice, inflicting pain on each other is our most delightful competitive game, the greatest favor we could possibly do each other.  Serving yourself and serving others paradoxically don’t need to be so different even when superficially they might seem to be exclusive on the surface.

Ultimately though, the emotional conflict between the two pathways is itself the beauty.  Rather than resolve it, contain it.  The principle of God is to hold the energy of conflicted emotion, liberated not by resolution of the conflict, but acceptance of conflictedness, with infinite depth, infinite intensity, and eternal duration.

Remember, don’t freak out.  When you’re tripping, you will get hit by infinite problems.  Two rules for dealing with infinite problems: one, deal with the “infinite” part by insisting on doing one thing at a time, and moving at your own pace, and two, deal with the “problems” part by just keeping a positive attitude, and making lemons out of lemonade.  Infinite lemons, infinite lemonade!

The point of life is to have a good time.  And if the gods aren’t having a good time, well, then what the hell is the point of the universe?!  We’re the ones with the authority to say what will or won’t happen, or what should or shouldn’t happen, so we’re not really stuck with anything.  I mean, no really — we are the ultimate authority of the universe.  It’s our party.  So if we don’t like something, let’s change it!  Have the biggest blast you can have!

Enjoy infinity.  And hit me up.  I’d like to enjoy it with you.

When in doubt, just imagine yourself as the Sun in its infinity and eternity.

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