The Opposition to Trump Must Not Be Liberal

protests against the DNC

Opposing Trump with liberalism has already been tried.

We’ve already seen where that has gotten us.

People don’t need to just stop Trump.  That doesn’t even work for stopping Trump.

People need vision.

Society is attracted to Trump’s decisiveness, his radicalism.

It gives off a sense of actually being in touch with how bad things are.

We’re not going to beat Trump by opposing his intensity with weak-kneed moderation.

We’re going to beat that by opposing it with more radicalism — in the opposite direction.

Nobody wants to hear about our “pragmatism.”

They want us to be extreme.

Let’s talk about seizing wealth forcefully.

Since Trump was elected, class struggle and socialism have disappeared from the conversation.  Let’s aggressively reassert them.  It’s our only hope of waging an effective resistance.

Let’s greedily, selfishly demand wages, basic income, 100% employment.  It will resonate with the hardship others are experiencing.

Let’s talk about taking over workplaces, public institutions, and housing.

Let’s talk about putting things directly to popular vote.

Let’s talk about socializing needed services like healthcare and everything else.

Let’s talk about ambitiously building the things we obviously need to build, and are even lagging behind on: infrastructure, schools, transit.

Let’s talk about ambitiously building things we need for the future: a 100% clean energy grid, putting aggressive space exploration into practice here and now, reverse-terraforming on Planet Earth to repair and prevent climate change, funding advanced scientific research, biotechnology, nanotechnology, particle physics.

The opposition to Trump should be visibly, aggressively, openly and proudly socialist.

Where do we start?  Start anywhere.  Start small.  Start with the socialists around you, any you can find.  Start small but keep the aim big.  Don’t worry about having to make immediate changes to society; that’s how people get frustrated and a much harder task than people like you and me have the ability to perform.  Keep the focus on cohering the beginnings of a mass, hard left socialist party in the USA.  If all you do is keep meeting, keep hanging out, keep the flame of the conversation and the ultimate aim alive, occasionally find more people, and network with others, you’re doing your job.


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