Solar Bloc — Take Off the Masks to Trigger Mass Direct Action

Take off the masks.  Sometimes the political moment is right to sacrifice security culture for the boldness of open confrontation.

In the 1960s, Days of Rage was an attempt to call a riot by openly calling for one. Black Bloc is often a misplaced hope that a small group of masked rioters among a larger broad protest action will lead to riots.

They say that you can’t plan a riot. The concept of Solar Bloc is to prove this wrong.

Solar Bloc is a different tactic — call, or be part of a semi-militant sounding event (like more of a socialist-sounding one than a liberal-sounding one), but NOT a violent-sounding one like Days of Rage, as this will limit the attendance down too much.  Make it one that appeals more to the angry than the moderate, but not one where every person is obligated to participate in direct action.

Then have a decently-medium to large group of pre-prepared UNMASKED DISRUPTORS, UNDISTINGUISHED in any way by their clothing, begin the action. This will be contagious and will be more likely to involve the entire crowd — the lack of visual/clothing distinguishers between initial and potential disruptors means that people who may not have intended to engage in direct action when planning to show up, but whom are Left enough, will get in on it when it’s happening right in front of them.

Furthermore, unlike the 1960s Days of Rage the action can be centered on class/economic demands like universal healthcare and cancelling student debt instead of the more cultural/moralistic demands like ending the war of the 1960s.  This has a greater mass resonance with the working class and with greater numbers of people than the Left’s cultural fetishes, causing more mass public sympathy with the potential direct action.  Rather than the public condemning the direct action, they will see themselves identifying with the direct action, which is very important.  Nailing the class-vs-culture question in picking a focus for the action is literally the determining factor in whether the action will be successful as a public propaganda tool which is capable of being contagious and igniting public passions and copycat actions around the country, and also the ignitability of the crowd at the action itself and thus tactical success in immediate terms, or just another isolated self-defeating action that costs individuals huge personal expenses and is perhaps immediately defeated then-and-there.

Getting a larger group of unmasked disruptors requires greater pre-planning, much more in advance.  It might involve friends who only consider themselves marginally political but who are more of an adventurous type.


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