Get ready for Valentine’s Day!

Expanded upon in Politics vs. Love: Lost in the Game

  1. Politics dominates economics, ie state power is determinant or at least much more penetrating through economics than base-superstructure determinism would acknowledge — for large corporations, a campaign contribution is always the best guaranteed return on investment; a ruler is much like a capitalist, a competitive exploitive accumulator, just in a different category of competitors — most importantly, in the modern hierarchy, rulers are essentially a form of capitalist and outrank the other capitalists, ie the apex predators of the food chain
  2. Politics is intermeshed with everything, but the most powerful things in life are the forbidden, uncomfortable, repressed underbellies, meaning that among the greater sources of political power are romance/sex/drama/conflict — we will end up repeatedly fighting over these even if we don’t want to, attempting to avoid it is futile, people who are good at it will win and people who are bad at it will lose — the more comfortable a person is with themselves and others in these regards, the more they can be immune to these tactics; those who weild them against others are often insecure themselves — romance/sex/drama/conflict can be used to (or unintentionally/spontaneously function to) attract, bond, discomfort, recruit, shame, and dominate.  Political factions, outside the left, have been using sexuality and sexual scandals against their political enemies since time immemorial; it’s naive to think it wouldn’t happen within the Left.
  3. Political actors dominate communication by keeping audiences in a state of continuous response to themselves through surprise, confusion, and unpredictability, (1) building suspense by witholding their thoughts, then making proclamations, (2) alternating between liberal and conservative ends of their political spectrum, and the middle, and unpredictably along the gradations between, balanced with a certain amount of their specific stable political orientation to keep their traditional support base, but always with enough unpredictability for tactical advantage over underlings and audiences, and (3) also making arguments that don’t even necessarily reflect their own true opinions, but which they know will throw their opponents for a loop and be difficult for their opponents to mentally or emotionally process, for that very purpose, possibly incoherent nonsense but argued with confidence, winning them the moment in an in-person or social debate, endlessly keeping everyone reacting
  4. These truths can be wielded (1) corruptly, selfishly, by rulers, for their own accumulation — enjoy, my friends! (2) critically, to expose rulers, for justice, or (3) as brutally necessary revolutionary tactics to take down rulers and replace their rule with systems based on honesty and democracy
  5. If you think most Leftist organizations aren’t dictatorships and oligarchies using sexual and romantic insecurity, attraction, charisma, and discomfort, and ideological and communicative confusion, incoherence, suspense, and surprise to enforce subservience on their members, you are a naive peasant
  6. In summary, the world isn’t just ruled through money, it’s also ruled through vulnerability and spin and manipulation, also through political parties and groups and rhetoric where a lot of these go on, perhaps even parties and groups and rhetoric that look and sound a lot like ones you might belong to — possibly the very groups you mistook for vehicles of liberation are contributors to control
  7. We defeat this by accepting, facing, and embracing our own vulnerabilities, articulating stable sets of clear common principles and stances as opposed to their shifting, sporadic, incoherent ones, valuing and promoting environments and cultures of thoughtful and healthy dialogue and clear communication instead of winner-takes-all cutthroat debate, radically democratizing politics and economics, and when necessary gaining a brutal willingness to use the enemy’s evil tactics of overwhelming communication and attacking vulnerability against themselves

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