Musical unity/the life of the Party

The alternating high and low states of the wavelength is the unity of opposites, expressed over time.

Music brings people together.

Music brings opposite types of people together.  The high-low wavelength of sound is a symbol of this.  Some people, at the high end of the wavelength, like to analyze the music intellectually.  Other people, at the lower vibrations, like the physicality and emotionality of the music, and like to merge with it, fusing their being with it.


Music unites people with different parts of themselves.  Again, the high-low symbol of the sonic wavelength is not only a symbol for bringing together with each other, but even just one individual uniting the different sides of themselves, the analytical with the intuitive.  And all these connections are reinforcing: connecting with ourselves lets us connect with each other, connecting with each other lets us connect with ourselves.

It seems like the wavelength acts mysteriously as a bridge bringing the unity of all opposites.  Music bridges the gender divide, I think because women are expected to present one way, men are expected to present another, and the flowing juices of the mixed-together sounds of songs allow those behaviors to blend together a bit.  Music bridges the race divide.  I can’t explain how.  It just does.  People dance with each other to music not traditionally belonging to their own group.  It just happens.  People lose themselves, and find themselves.

Music is the magical spark that makes everything come together for everyone.

We fuse with music by dancing, or singing, possibly just by listening.

Music is at the center of something I call the universal coherence, or a moment in history when all factors align.  Generally I see universal coherence as synonymous with revolution.

People losing their shit to Shark Attack by Grouplove at Winter Jawn in Philly Jan 15 2017, was a blast

In the 1960s there was a great general sense that music was the revolution, that there was a great unity between huge masses of people and music, that music was a movement, that people were in a movement politically, and that in a sense this great movement of people and this great experience of music were also the same thing too.  They moved in the same rhythm.  Either the same people were doing both, or they were happening simultaneously, or they were mutually reinforcing.

One of my friends said, “I don’t see coincidence, I see unconscious labor of association.”  I see the connection between the musical movement and the political movement in the 1960s in the same way.

And yet the wave definitely peaked and crashed in the 1960s.  It’s not like music died (though there is a song saying there was a day the music died…maybe that’s significant).  But people did keep listening to music.  Why did this vast musical collective experience peter out?  Why did it cease to be fused with a political movement?

Was the political movement the precondition for the musical movement, or the musical movement the precondition for the political movement, or were they simultaneous?  As a Marxist I’m prejudiced towards saying that music will always be around, and the mass politics took the music that is latently present at all times and activated it into a collective spiritual experience, but I can never really be sure…there was definitely something going on with the planets at that time as well.

My answer to keep the music from dying is that we have to keep the party going…literally.

We’re going to have a big wave of resistance, like the 1960s.

Hell, we’re already in it.

It’s going to get even bigger.

It’s going to peak.

It’s going to recede.

The music is going to rise with it.

And the music will fade.

But I don’t want the music to die.

We have to make sure the music keeps going.

To do that, we need to make sure the politics keeps going.

We have to keep a sustained organization going.

In a chicken-and-egg sort of way, to make sure the politics keeps going, I think we actually have to turn the politics into a party.

I think we have to turn the politics into music, and the music into politics.

Our organizations must become musical.

Our music must become organized.

You might think no, politics is serious, turning political organizations into organizations for music is ridiculous.

But how are you going to survive?

How are you going to feel alive if someday the mass movements recede?

When the only thing left is going to your day job?

This is a matter of survival.

People need more than just food and shelter to live.  They have humanity.  They need their creativity nourished.  And they need society, they need other people.  And music brings people together.

The realization that life itself is reducible to wavelengths, that every single atom and molecule can be translated into a 2D wavelength pattern of its electron orbitals, is itself the key.

When we build a movement, we are contributing to life’s great song.

When we are trying to radicalize society from one social system to a higher one, we are trying to raise history’s rhythm from a simpler, more primitive music to a greater, more complex music.

Whatever we’re doing, it should feel good, or we’re not doing it right.


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