#TrumpResign and Why: American Spring

We can set off a cascade of events that destabilizes the whole administration, or keep persisting and push Pence out too.

Anti-Trump protests should demand his resignation.

What’s the point?

We didn’t want him in office in the first place.  Hell, most of us wanted neither candidate.  Even if he’s not a fascist(?) his policies are a wholesale attack on everything good.  He lost the popular vote in an election that didn’t have a high turnout and was plagued by other legitimacy issues — no, I don’t mean Russian hackers, I mean the Democratic primary, Bernie would have won and we all know it.  There’s no reason we should hold back.

Love punching Richard Spencer in the face?  Punch Trump out of office.


Why resignation instead of impeachment or something else?

Trump is easy to reach.  He responds to tweets.  He is visibly affected by protest, directly upset by SNL skits, and already seriously sick of being president.  He is breaking down and just needs a push.

Impeachment depends on legal technicalities, whereas resignation is simply a political demand.  We demand resignation because we want it, and its legitimacy is based solely on many people demanding it.

We can count on Trump’s own volatility to make a rash decision and resign in a huff under pressure.

Won’t it just be a Pence administration?

To quote a Facebook friend, “If the American population can mobilize so effectively as to bring down a president, then it’s a victory for our side. It’s a raised horizon. It’s proof of the potential in the hands of the masses. It’s an emboldened people that the reject president’s toady sidekick has to contend with. It’s the opening up of a new set of contradictions and possibilities.”

Whoever comes after Trump, we can fight them too and demand further reforms and personnel changes, but in an even greater position of strength, with vast mobilized forces, energized and confident from bringing Trump down.

But really, what next?  Pence?

It’s likely that a scandal or pressure to resign that applied to Trump would also apply to Pence as well.

As a Trump removal becomes more of an immediate reality, many will agree that getting rid of Trump only for him to be replaced with Pence makes no sense.  It will become less a conversation of getting rid of Trump and more of disposing of the entire administration.  Really that is our demand — that the entire administration resign.

Anyway, further developments may actually see Pence removed from office even before Trump, as we just saw Michael Flynn resign, and Trump’s Labor Secretary pick Andrew Pudzer back out from contention.  The regime is collapsing fast.

Isn’t this just a CIA takeover?  Isn’t interference by the CIA/deep state in the democratic process a threatening prospect for future democracy?  And don’t protests enable that?

Deep state interference definitely threatens future democracy, but street actions are the exact thing to address that danger.

The fact is, the deep state is going to interfere in the Trump administration regardless of whether or not we protest.  The neoliberal deep state wants stable predictable order, and Trump threatens that.  They want him out and they’re already taking action regardless of what we want or what we do.  The closeness and dubiousness of the election is all the pretext they needed; they don’t need our protests.

If anything, what street action allows us to do is control the process with popular pressure, mandating that the popular masses and protesters have a stake in the transition.  It allows us to say, since we had a hand in throwing Trump out of power, that we can make demands on what comes next in the process.

If Trump is forced to resign by behind-the-scenes pressures alone (which appears increasingly plausible), then the American masses will be passive recipients and victims of a palace coup where the CIA & deep state seize control of American politics with no input from the American people.

But if Trump is forced out of office by a combination of deep state pressure and mass protest, then the American people retain a stake in being able to make demands on what kind of government occurs after the transition.  If we made the revolution, we get a say.

We have to be part of the transition, or we get left out of it.

That’s why we have to take up the demand #TrumpResign.

And even if it is some deep state-run government, which they seem possibly interested in bringing about either way, mobilizing forces to overturn Trump is the best way to mobilize vast and energized forces to prepare for the next step of confrontation with that future regime.


Best case scenario, doesn’t this essentially just end up as a lame conservative or moderate Paul Ryan or Hillary Clinton administration?  (Paul Ryan is the Republican Speaker of the House, next in line after VP.)

No – maybe those politicians, yes, but the political climate is so radically different it’s not just a government of those people – a population that has become ungovernable is the critical factor.  In the act of bringing down Trump, the masses are activated in a way that they absolutely would not have been if Clinton had merely won the election under normal conditions.

It’s one thing just to have a Republican Congress or Democratic president under normal conditions.  It’s an entirely different thing to have them in the context of a just-overthrown president in the face of masses confident of their own power with largely leftist politics, mostly sympathetic to Bernie-style left-populist politics, ready and confident to demand more.

The masses once mobilized are a genie not easily put back in the bottle.

Also if you want to be a real jerk you can demand Trump appoint Sanders VP before resigning.  (At least it would stabilize the country unlike every other option.)

What is the role of radicals?

We can just be the initial ones to raise the demand that Trump resign, knowing it will spread with popularity among broad Left forces, including liberals, anarchists, vague leftists, moderates, and the mixed and confused and unlabeled and unaffiliated.  Of course, anyone can help play this initiator role who feels like doing it, whatever their politics.

I’m still hesitant.

We all hate Trump.  He’s horrible for immigrants, Muslims, gays, women, workers, the environment, black people, trans people.  Half the government is already conspiring against him and he doesn’t even want to be president!  All he needs is a push and that’s us, but we have to make sure it’s us in the streets and not the insiders taking sole credit, so let’s bring him down.  Am I sure we’ll be able to succeed?  Hell no.  This could go horribly or fall flat on its face.  But nobody goes into conflicts with predetermined knowledge of their outcomes.

And whoever comes next after him, we’ll fight them too, and whoever comes after them, and whoever comes after them too – but this time, with a mobilized army fresh from the struggle at our backs.

It’s not about perfect principles.  It’s about participating in a chaotic situation in such a way to exert our influence and set ourselves up for the strongest possible position in the next round.  Ride the tiger.


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