Party for Socialism and Liberation SUCKS/leaks

Part of the Imperial Diss List.

As you may have heard from my recent declaration, I am now Emperor of All Socialist Groups in addition to the Solar System.

I may randomly show up at your meetings in full imperial regalia and begin issuing orders.  Don’t be surprised.  Expect to fully comply.

However, until that happens, I will single each group out one by one, writing polemics about why they suck.  I will proceed, Negan-like, beating your heads in with a club, until the entire socialist Left either submits to my brilliance or implodes and I’m free to rule and build anew from the ashes.

Your group is inevitably on the chopping block.  It’s probably next on the list.  I’ll also attack specific individuals who deserve it.  I will strike at a time of my choosing.


I mean, the better question is more like, why doesn’t PSL suck?

First, PSL are tankies, who as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, should be exterminated.  What do I mean by this?  PSL formed as a split from the Marcyite Workers’ World Party.  Marcyism is a tendency within Trotskyism that basically decided to deviate back into Stalinism, which defeats the whole fucking point of Trotskyism if you ask me but whatever, Trotskyism was kind of a mixed bag from the beginning so let’s get back to the point which is that PSL sucks.  Marcy also had some theory about socialist aliens which I can personally confirm is correct and I’ll cover in a later article.

PSL also contributed to the splitting of Coalition for Peace and Justice into ANSWER during the Antiwar Movement.  It’s true that ANSWER was slightly more confrontational and less likely to bend to the schedule of the Democratic Party, ie shutting down protest whenever the Democrats got back into office (in 2007) and that was good.  But, I don’t know, it might have been better to fight within CPJ instead of splitting.  The whole having two coalitions thing always came across as stupid and sectarian.

Why else?  PSL supports Assad in Syria.  Assad is a Ba’athist tankie dictator and fuck him.  Enough other people have laid out perfectly good arguments about why that is horrible and bad and why the Rojava people while imperfect are maybe one of the only beacons of hope on this fucked-up planet.  I don’t need to recapitulate them here.


PSL runs a presidential candidate every election.  This is god-damned fucking ridiculous, I’m sorry, I know some of my more third-period friends are really into this because they are really attached to their right to symbolically vote for a socialist for president every election.  I know this must mean a lot to them, but as Mencius Moldbug explained, that kind of shit really just makes you feel better and doesn’t actually do anything.  Voting for Sanders actually meant something even if it was horrifically UNPRINCIPLED AND IMPURE.  Supposedly this achieves some “propaganda purpose” but I’m pretty sure all it actually accomplishes is reinforcing the unserious perception that the public has of socialists and our chances of actually ever winning in any real elections, which we could actually do in certain circumstances, like Kshama Sawant or maybe Bernie Sanders for example.

PSL flirts with Maoism which I haven’t sufficiently polemicized against yet and will at a later time.  All I’ll say this time is the obsession with oppressed nationalities, while morally appealing, is not actually a material force that can overcome the question of who actually holds the global distribution of means of production.  The moral force of oppressed nationalities and the suffering of the third world is so intense as to almost constitute a material force equal to the material reality of the distribution of the means of production – but, life is a bitch, and that word almost wins out.  Ultimately identity politics fails, life is anatomical ie material conditions are a real thing, and yeah PSL indulges in that moralistic identity politics shit which ultimately does more to divide the class than unite it, does more to make conversations difficult than to create communication and solidarity between people of different demographics.  So that’s another reason PSL sucks.

I have to tell a hilarious anecdote about when I went to a PSL meeting once.  Their presidential candidate was there to speak and they had someone preface it.  The prefacing speech was this really sad attempt at sound oratorical and official, droned on way longer than necessary, and given that the meeting room had maybe only 20-30 people in it, was totally unnecessary.  I really wished someone had broken the fourth wall just then and reminded everyone that the MC was addressing a small classroom of college kids and not a stadium preparing to listen to the actual President of America.  It’s this kind of cultish distortion and misperception of reality, and itself, that defines PSL, and that it thrives on in order to over-work and over-tax its members, and which it depends on in order to continue functioning according to the failed model of monolithic party-line sect-building and movement work.

One funny rant by an ex-PSL member characterizes the no-dissent-or-criticism-or-questioning-allowed atmosphere surrounding the organizing work of PSL and so many other groups:

movements that do actually get any shit done also cannot be criticized at all because you probably:
A. didn’t put in 100+ hours of work like the people who did Get the Shit Done and therefore your opinion is invalid (even if you put in 10 hours, or any hours at all), partially because:
B. don’t understand what went in to Getting All that Shit Done (because we purposefully kept you in the dark/un-involved/limited your involvement)
C. are being rude and hurtful with your criticism of the work of our hard-working cadres, who put on the very best action they could without major event-ending error and therefore are immune from any of that negativity talk
D. you probably are just one of those people who wants to sit around and bicker about 100 year old theories and not actually do any of the Real Work

but, really, let’s be honest here, you’re probably a police spy. Because the membership rolls of a branch, what dues are actually spent on, and planning process of events are critical information that only the Most Privvy Leaders are allowed to see/be a part of, and opening any of that up to analysis or discussion or (god forbid) a vote to the Lazy Unappreciative Pleb Members (who could also be Police Informants too) could potentially bring down the organization

Enclosed below is a fund drive announcement which you may notice asks comrades to abusively sacrifice their own finances for THE REVOLUTION ie the cult.


“Your financial contribution should be a sacrifice.”

“The guideline for comrades’ individual participation is one week’s pay before taxes or $300—whichever is greater. This means if your annual pay before taxes is more than $15,600, your contribution should be greater than $300. For example, if your annual pay before taxes is $45,000, your minimum is around $850. For comrades who are unemployed, the guideline is a minimum of $200.”

Fwd: Launch of the 2012 National Fund Drive

From: PSL Communication <>
Date: February 24, 2012 at 12:30:19 PM EST
To: PSL Updates <>
Subject: Launch of the 2012 National Fund Drive

To: All PSL members
From: Finance Department
Re: 2012 National Fund Drive
Date: February 24, 2012Dear Comrades,This email describes the details of the 2012 National Fund Drive (NFD).The NFD is the Party’s annual fundraising drive in which all members make pledges and then payments over the course of several months. This is the ninth National Fund Drive since our formation.Based on a discussion in the Executive Committee on the 2012 National Fund Drive, the following was resolved:· The goal of the internal fund drive for 2012 will be $70,000· The fund drive will officially begin on March 1· Branches will hold internal meetings to discuss the National Fund Drive during the month of February

· PSL members will turn in their pledge by March 10

· Branches will submit their branch pledge to the national finance department by March 15

· All final payments will be due no later than July 31
Part of Party membership:
Making a regular financial contribution to the Party

As everyone is aware, part of being a PSL member means making a financial contribution. Financial support from members takes two forms—local and national. The National Fund Drive takes place once per year over a multi-month period, and is the mechanism through which all members make their national contribution.

Members are encouraged to pay as much of their disposable income as possible after basic living expenses and personal needs are covered. The principle operated on is equality of sacrifice. Giving money to the Party should not be taken lightly. Your financial contribution should be a sacrifice.

What is the purpose of the National Fund Drive? 

It is to pay for national party expenses.

In general, the bulk of these expenses are the printing of literature, including but not limited to the newspaper, books, stickers, palm cards, t-shirts and brochures; travel expenses for speaking tours; our presence on the internet, and so on.

Last year, we spent about $20,000 on the production, printing and shipping of Liberation newspaper including a special fully bilingual edition addressing the Occupy Wall Street movement titled “Seize the Banks.” We also spent over $3,500 printing and shipping “Wisconsin: From the Front Lines of the Labor Battle.”

Another expense is for national party-building work. The party has grown both in the number of members and branches. The national office has sent comrades on regional trips to work with and get to know the new branches and their members as well as conduct national outreach in areas where people have expressed interest in the party.

These are a few examples of what the national fund drive made possible last year.

For 2012, we will continue to produce Liberation newspaper and other publications, and we will still have the expense of maintaining a national organization.

This is a special year because individuals can contribute to the 2012 Socialism and Liberation election campaign. The success of this campaign requires funds to print special campaign literature, send candidates on speaking tours, and send many people across the country to petition for ballot access and do outreach for the campaign. All those who can are encouraged to contribute at least at portion of their pledge to the election campaign.

How much should I pledge?

The guideline for comrades’ individual participation is one week’s pay before taxes or $300—whichever is greater. This means if your annual pay before taxes is more than $15,600, your contribution should be greater than $300. For example, if your annual pay before taxes is $45,000, your minimum is around $850. For comrades who are unemployed, the guideline is a minimum of $200.

This is, of course, is an indicator to help comrades to figure out their pledge. All comrades should strive to pledge beyond the minimum.

There have been numerous instances where the inspiring commitment and sacrifice by our members has not only allowed us to continue to grow at critical times, but has provided an inspiration for other members as they calculate what they can possibly donate to the Party. The Party has high standards. The discipline and sacrifice of our members comes from the extraordinarily high level of political consciousness. This is the foundation for the PSL’s success. In considering what your pledge should be, it almost goes without saying that you should give as much as you can.

Please also make a pledge that you can meet with a high degree of certainty. The Party does financial planning based on the expectation that every comrade will pay their entire National Fund Drive pledge. You can always raise your pledge. Whatever amount you pledge, it is part of a collective effort to sustain the Party’s national activities.

How do I make my pledge?

You will soon receive a pledge form at an internal meeting or from the NFD coordinator for your branch (or from the National Outreach Committee if you are an at-large member), or received an individual electronic communication requesting your pledge. Please fill out this form and return it to the comrade(s) responsible in your branch for collecting National Fund Drive pledges and payments.

When you fill out the pledge form, it is important that you put (to the best of your knowledge) the date by which you are going to make your first payment, and any other information you are able to provide about your schedule for payments. This serves two purposes: One, it helps the comrade(s) in your branch keep you on schedule completing the National Fund Drive. Two, it enables the Finance Department to better manage our cash flow situation. Comrades are encouraged to pay their pledge, or begin paying their pledge, as early in the National Fund Drive as possible.

For 2012, when comrades make their pledges they should indicate whether they are contributing to the regular fund drive, the election campaign, or splitting their pledge between the two. Again, all those who can are encouraged to contribute at least at portion of their pledge to the election campaign.

How do I pay my pledge?

Payments can be made using a credit/debit card, cash or checks.

1a) For online payments to the regular NFD, you should go to:
Make sure to use this link – do not use the “donate” link on the homepage. Using this form, you can make a one-time or set up recurring payments. Be sure to click one of the buttons to the right of “Branch/City” and select yours from the drop down or write it into the blank field. Give a copy of your receipt to the point person for the NFD in your branch or region.

1b) For online payments to the election campaign, you should go to:
Make sure to use this link – do not use the “donate” link on the homepage. Using this form, you can make a one-time or set up recurring payments. Give a copy of your receipt to the point person for the NFD in your branch or region.

2a) For checks to the regular NFD, your branch/NOC point person will advise you how to make them out and where to turn them it. These checks will be deposited locally.

2b) For checks to the election campaign, you need to print out and fill out this form:
All checks for the PSL election campaign should be written out to “Socialism & Liberation Campaign.”They should be handed in locally but will be deposited in San Francisco so there may be a slight delay.

3a) Cash to the regular NFD can be turned in locally.

3b) Cash cannot be used to make a contribution to the election campaign.


If you need any materials or if you have any questions, please contact the comrade in your branch who handles the National Fund Drive (or the National Outreach Committee if you are an at-large member). If you are unsure who to contact, you can reply to this email to ask. Branch and NOC point people should be in regular communication with the National Finance Department.

–Saul for the National Finance Department

Part of the Imperial Diss List.

So remember.  If you want the polemics and the leaks to stop, all you have to do is submit.  I’ll be waiting on your announcements of unconditional surrender.


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