Workers’ World Party: coalition splitters, power seekers, old PSL

Part of the Imperial Diss List.

Next group to the chopping block.  You know how this works.  I am the First and the Last.  Bow before me if you wish for mercy.


Workers’ World Party almost doesn’t need its own roast.  You could just copy and paste everything I wrote about Party for Socialism and Liberation, since PSL is basically the youth-split from WWP.  In fact I will literally do exactly that for the rant part.  Let’s do that now – a rant by an ex-PSL member that could probably be just as readily applied to WWP:

movements that do actually get any shit done also cannot be criticized at all because you probably:
A. didn’t put in 100+ hours of work like the people who did Get the Shit Done and therefore your opinion is invalid (even if you put in 10 hours, or any hours at all), partially because:
B. don’t understand what went in to Getting All that Shit Done (because we purposefully kept you in the dark/un-involved/limited your involvement)
C. are being rude and hurtful with your criticism of the work of our hard-working cadres, who put on the very best action they could without major event-ending error and therefore are immune from any of that negativity talk
D. you probably are just one of those people who wants to sit around and bicker about 100 year old theories and not actually do any of the Real Work

but, really, let’s be honest here, you’re probably a police spy. Because the membership rolls of a branch, what dues are actually spent on, and planning process of events are critical information that only the Most Privvy Leaders are allowed to see/be a part of, and opening any of that up to analysis or discussion or (god forbid) a vote to the Lazy Unappreciative Pleb Members (who could also be Police Informants too) could potentially bring down the organization

But let’s get on with what makes WWP special and unique and differentiates them.  I have never seen a group that maneuvers like WWP, except maybe Philly Socialists.  They are the most dishonest fucking group I have ever encountered, except again possibly Philly Socialists, it’s un-fucking-believable.  The way they ruthlessly exploit movements as investments to capitalize on at the catastrophic expense to the movements themselves means that what they are doing should not be called movement building, it should be called movement capitalism.  Of course this could be applied to most groups but in WWP’s case it’s just so blatant that it’s too obvious not to label.

They will call a demonstration, or start a coalition, every time a big issue or campaignable political thing pops up in politics or the media, or agree to be part of whatever has emerged.  And then at the last minute, they will split it.  They will call a separate thing at a separate location, on some flimsy basis of having found “irreconcilable differences” with the other organizers, or calling the other coalition “insufficiently revolutionary” or militant or some horseshit, and call a more “revolutionary” event or demonstration.  And who is then the natural center, head, and leadership of that other thing?  Workers’ World.  Perfect positioning.

The regular consistency with which I have witnessed this behavior is clockwork.

The “militancy” of these “alternative” coalitions or demonstrations that they call plays right into the immense moralism of the Left, which they intentionally stoke and fan the flames of in order to blur communication, lurking behind the scenes, using the group as a recruitment grounds while the drama is continuously fed.  It fits perfectly with liberals with white guilt and ultra-leftists who don’t realize that isolated riots don’t trigger the revolution.  One group in Philly, REAL Justice Coalition, is a perfect example of this, continuously antagonizing and fighting the police.   Two thirds of its demonstrations end with protesters being arrested.  The edginess always draws new people in, burns people out, and stays small, but as long as the revolving door keeps churning, it works just fine as a front group for recruitment.

REAL Justice (or I should say, the WWP string-pullers behind REAL Justice) also rely immensely on moralistic identity politics to create an environment of moralism where the implicit hierarchies and dynamics of the group cannot be questioned, examined, investigated, or challenged – basically, an environment where it cannot be pointed out that the group is a front for Workers’ World Party, or it cannot be pointed out that the group will ultimately need a strategy beyond repeating the same confrontational demonstrations limited to the same small activist circle branching out to the community if it ever hopes to be someone more than a Workers’ World front.    They are applying Saturgnosis, just with race instead of gender.

And what’s the other difference between WWP and PSL?  I’m not saying PSL isn’t just as dishonest and maneuvering, I’ve simply noticed it more with WWP as a trademark.  PSL did, after all, join along with WWP in splitting Coalition for Peace and Justice into ANSWER in the antiwar movement.

And finally, of course, WWP is just fucking old.

That’s a tough thing to talk about.  There’s nothing wrong with being old.  There shouldn’t be.  But okay, yeah there fucking is, if it’s what all the people in your group are.  Am I being ageist?  Ooh, ouch, yeah I fucking am.  Ageism is a thing.  A valid thing.  Ooh, ouch, fucking burn.

It’s not that people of advanced years have zero value.  Actually I get annoyed by some of the younger student groups who never seem able to recruit or retain people in their 30s, 40s, 50s – you know, the actual adult working class.  It’s just that if your organization consists mainly of older people and has consistent problems keeping anything but a smaller smattering of a revolving door of young members, your organization has a real problem.  Communist Party USA and Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism are the classic organizations with this problem.  And I have some respect for the group Solidarity but they have this issue too.  And Workers’ World has got it as well.  It’s an issue.

Let’s see, what else is wrong, they’re fucking tankie pieces of shit, and as I stated elsewhere, tankies should be exterminated.  Before anyone interprets that as a death threat I mean they should be exterminated politically.  Like we should strap them down, clip their eyes open and subject them to libertarian communist re-education Clockwork Orange-style.

WWP supports Assad, or like if not literally, then close enough.  What kind of a piece of shit do you have to be to support Assad?  That’s as bad as being a Trump supporter.  Oh wait, no, fuck, it literally is, like Trump literally supported Assad at some point if not still, what the fuck.  I’m not saying I have all the answers to Syria, hell, there probably isn’t one, or maybe there is, but I don’t see why anyone has to enthusiastically cheer for dictators besides of course my dictatorship.  I’m not enthusiastically cheering for jihadists or anything.


Part of the Imperial Diss List.

Why am I doing this?  Am I going too hard?  Well, it’s necessary.  We just won’t get to liberation if we leave the Left in this shitty state.  And I know, people put a lot of hard work into their shitty organizations.  A lot of feelings are invested.  And I precisely have to break through the psychological defense mechanisms around those feelings of investment if we are ever going to actually examine what we are doing wrong and correct the shittiness.  I guess I’m the sacrificial lamb to be used as a battering ram through everyone’s cognitive dissonance.

And yet it’s true that the left consists of broken people precisely because we are all crippled by capitalism, as Marxists we should understand that better than anybody, and if we can understand that, well, we should forgive each other.  But we still have to be tough on each other, because, well, we have to make this revolution thing succeed, and that means doing it right.

Truth and Grace — judgment and forgiveness.  Also really good socialist organizing advice.

They must be judged.

That is God’s Truth.

They must be forgiven.

That is God’s Love and Grace, and Christ’s Forgiveness.

The two of them together, well, that’s God having a sense of humor.

All of it together is being caught in a bad romance.  When you are caught in a bad romance, all our love is revenge, don’t get so caught up in how much it hurts; realize instead that the point of calling it a bad romance is because of how much like a cheesy bad romance movie it is, how repetitive, how cliche, how ridiculous, how laughable, how absurd.  Learn to laugh and enjoy it.


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