No substitute for the self-government of the working class

You can say “People don’t want meetings, they just want a party that gets shit done, they don’t care if someone else does it for them, they’d rather just vote for socialist politicians who do their jobs than have to go to meetings or waste time on the behind-the-scenes inner workings of a political group and be politically active with any depth.”

But this is essentially conservatism, ie not revolutionary socialism.

The idea that the working class is willing to give up its own agency and assign the interpretation and execution of its interests to a class of specialists is literacy the basis of the legitimacy of all class societies themselves.

Often times the claim that the working class does not want participation is a lie.

For example, low election turnout is used to make this claim, but it’s not that the working class doesn’t want to participate, it’s that it doesn’t want to choose between the horrible options we are forced to pick from.

However it may actually be true in some or even many cases that the working class does indeed willingly give up its power to others.

In this the working class will simply have to learn the hard truth.

Anyone to whom you give up your power becomes self-interested and corrupt, separate from you and hostile to you over time.

It becomes this way not because people are immoral, but because the continuous chaos of life forces them to take continuous measures to safeguard their power, which they either selfishly cling to, or ideologically believe is the key to achieving their political ideals.

Therefore, maintaining their separate position above the working class crystallizes over time as a higher priority than advancing the interests of the working class, even if advancing the interests of the working class was the original justification for why they were given a separate position above it.

The hard truth is that delegating our power to anyone doesn’t work.  We have to keep the power for ourselves, in a working class collective democracy.  There is no substitute.  Self-government is the only solution.

Handing off the responsibility to someone else may seem easier.  It’s lazy.  It’s shooting ourselves in the foot and then living in denial about it and being surprised when it comes back to bite us.  It’s an infantile refusal to face reality.

Being a radical means telling the working class that they should govern themselves even when they don’t want to hear it, telling them that they should want to do it even when they don’t want to do it, telling them that it’s the only way things will work for them even when they want to take the easy way out and hand their power to someone else.

Depending on how you do it, you can come off as a preachy asshole who mocks people for being contradictory and self-defeating, or as a truest friend who has the firm but persuasive conversation with someone helping them do what is best for themselves.


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