If what happened in Philly Socialists was primarily political, why have the leadership been making sexual harassment accusations?

They need to reinforce their version of the story.  It’s not psychologically comfortable for them to say I was expelled over sustained political differences or an election run, so they say it was something else.  Essentially I caused the leadership such cognitive dissonance that they had to accuse me of a whole long list of ridiculous charges, only the most explosive ones being bullying and sexual harassment, to dispose of me.

To be clear, those aren’t the only accusations they originally made.  They made many non-sexual ones.  The list also included “sabotaging the work of the organization,” which they don’t mention anymore because it is a hilariously and obviously Stalinist show-trial sounding charge, and also things as subjective as “spreading lies,” which was basically just me expressing a different opinion about various disagreements occurring in the group than the leadership.

Because one ex-comrade and I had drama, she had the most believable story as to being able to accuse me, and it was definitely her involvement which was the pivotal key difference that made my expulsion go from impossible to possible.  Her repeated ongoing accusations stem from inserting herself into the factional conflict between me and the leadership, and from doubling down on the need to believe in the intervention she made in this conflict.

But the real venom of her continued attacks on me comes from me being a living reminder that she started a brave resistance in the form of an opposition caucus to manipulative people in the core who treated her badly that she lacked the independence of spirit to finish, but which I carried on, and then she sharply turned against that same caucus of which she was a cofounder, Mao-like, by taking part in the purge and incoherently dropping all her criticisms of the group, out of the need to feel socially included in the core of the group.  This is where the psychological fuel of her need to eradicate me from any space she might encounter me in comes from.  I am the living proof of her inauthenticity — all of theirs, but hers especially.  I have to be erased.

Philly Socialists can’t have someone going around the movement saying he got expelled for being an oppositionist and running for chair.  It makes them look really bad.  So they use a mechanism that can be exploited to ban me from appearing anywhere or being listened to at all: gender dynamics.

It’s worth mentioning one ex-comrade was rewarded with a leadership position in their Tenant Union front group immediately as she was switching from vaguely positive/neutral to completely hostile to me, shortly after a night when she aggressively flipped out at me out of nowhere at a completely unrelated Bernie event where I had no intention of meeting her.  She made the accusations against me immediately after the leadership gave her this token position of inclusion.  I can’t help but see quid pro quo.

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