Summary of my expulsion

In April 2016 I was expelled from Philly Socialists.

What happened with me in Philly Socialists was simple: a layer of the leadership, a few men but several women, personalized what was really a political difference between us, and then litigiously used an overly-bureaucratic grievance process against me, over the most unimaginably minor personal slights (and disrespect was certainly sent in my direction by them as well), in order to effect a political purge and smear my name in the worst way possible, so that the issue was completely taken away from political debate, and became a matter of zero-transparency no-recourse gendered and other accusations against which it was nearly impossible for me to defend myself.  It was further complicated by the personal drama between me and one ex-comrade, given that we had an ongoing mutual emotional involvement that was mutually deeply uncomfortable, destructive, unhealthily codependent, and boundary-pushing to us both, but ultimately was not any type of organizationally sanctionable sexual misconduct (indeed not any type of sexual activity at all).

The more complex part is that the charges against me came from multiple people who had different motives, but some of whom had mixed motives.

For some people it was straight-up factionalism, like David Thompson, not really mixed with any other motivation, possibly some personal annoyance at having to deal with me.  One small group of women ex-comrades, I think they really believe in their microaggression-exaggeration politics, while also being deeply uncomfortable with the fact that I, a man, argued with them, women in positions of prestige and authority.  This basically amounts to subconscious, if not conscious, pro-leadership factionalism.  And one ex-comrade had her own complex of motivations tied to factionalism, microaggression-exaggeration politics, abusive personal tendencies, repressing cognitive dissonance from switching sides from opposition to leadership and a social need to be included in the leadership core, and mutual personal drama between us.

It’s also important to briefly note here the deeply deceptive personalities of David Thompson and Tim Horras.  They seem to get along with everyone, much like Barack Obama.  Unfortunately they can be found to make completely different, even opposite statements to different people, and you only find this out when comparing conversations you had with conversations other people had with them.  It’s one thing to tailor your words to your audience, which everyone does.  It’s another to invent completely different opinions, all supposedly your own honest beliefs, to different people, just to gain favor with them.  They are dishonest in this fashion to the point of being chameleon-like, and because they seem so superficially friendly you have no idea that anything could possibly be wrong until the manipulation has already deeply set in.  I’m honestly sad and disturbed that this is even present in the socialist movement, let alone part of a group’s leadership, and that I am forced to communicate this to people.

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