Why can’t the drama or problems of Philly Socialists be briefly summarized?

Because instead of having central contradictions, the drama and the problems are so massive that the drama and the organization are incoherent.  When something is contradictory, at least it just has one main flaw, that you can point out and say, well most of you makes sense, but here’s the one pivotal thing about you that’s upside down.  When a thing is incoherent, the things that don’t make sense about it are just kind of everything and everywhere, and so dispersed throughout its fabric that to address it would literally require a piece-by-piece breakdown of its every single component.

I can’t 100% back the contention that Philly Socialists should be isolated in the space of this initial response to their shit-talk.  I have been in the process of writing about the story of my expulsion and the problems of Philly Socialists for a long time; I have about 100 pages written, and I am in the process of putting them in proper order so they can be a coherent document for you to read and not a hasty mess.

It’s also hard to explain anything about Philly Socialists without sounding slightly ridiculous, because the membership is so heavily a revolving-door one and so uneducated in political theory in any consistent, common way where the group has a common political language such that incoherence strikes again, making Philly Socialists something like the Tower of Babel of the Left even within its own membership.  The people within it are just all in a completely different headspace from each other, nobody really knows what anyone else in the group thinks about politics with any certainty except for a few outspoken voices misrepresenting silent majorities whose actual sentiments could be anyone’s guess.  And anything you say about Philly Socialists from one year ago may possibly be completely unrecognizable one year later, or the people who are in the group may just be completely new, going through entirely new batches of people each year, and have not gotten the chance to wise up and notice the same problems that you noticed before.

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