Long Live the Fractal Splintering of Leftbook

Leftbook is splintering as fast as the beat of this song.

It’s good.  We should rock out to that splintering beat.  Let’s keep this splintering party raging.

It’s the sound of the intensification of consciousness.  I never studied Hegel in super depth but I hear people throw the concept of “determinate negation” around, and I think what it means is, every time you want to make something more defined, it involves creating a division, or saying what something isn’t.

Every beat is a fracture in time.  Every splinter in Leftbook is an increase in the definitiveness of our consciousness.  Every split is us getting smarter.  Every beat is a fracture in time, every split a fracture in consciousness, every fracture in consciousness an increase in consciousness.

The splintering leads to an increasingly critical self-reflection.  We are forced to think about the splintering.  Why are we splintering?  It hurts.  Pain forces us to think.  Suffering is the path to consciousness, to Enlightenment.

The everyone-merged-together blob of mega Leftbook groups was a Tower of Babel.  Everyone was on different pages.  Everyone came from different assumptions, speaking different languages.  It was bound to break.  Now that it has broken we are free.

Now people are honing in on the specificity of what they believe, figuring out and differentiating what they are, and what they aren’t.

The multiplication is creating new communities with new energy.  It is destroying the dominance of old regimes.

New admins involve new staffs of people who pour new energies into creating communities, dragging in their own new peripheries of their friends lists, creating new, previously-uninvolved groups and mixes of people.

It’s a merry chaos.  No one is in charge.  That’s how it should be.

And it’s undermining what I hated the most: the mutually-reinforcing alliance of authoritarian socialism and reductive identity politics, creating space for libertarian communism and economic justice.



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