What if we’re God?

This article started as an error.

I was trying to find a way to stylistically title my other article, “What if you were God?

I was trying to find a way to make the “you” stand out properly, so people would realize, I wasn’t talking about a hypothetical, “hey, what if I was God,” but that they would realize, I was talking about them, not me.

I tried capital letters, YOU, that came off as too intense.  I tried asterisks, *you*, it didn’t look very good.

Then I tried arrows, >

The title then became, “What if were God?”

It looked like a typo of, “What if we’re God?”


I’ve been saying it’s better that people consider the question of being God on an individual-by-individual basis rather than exploring the idea that humanity is collectively God as one united human hive mind.

One of the truest things I’ve found in my life is that there is a definite Me, and that this Me is distinct and different from other things and other people, and that this differentiation is one of the most important things in my life, and the sharpest sources of both my suffering and accomplishment.

But it’s not so simple.  In small matters, two opposite realities can’t be true, but in large matters, two opposite realities are often precisely true.  (I know I’m paraphrasing someone but I can’t remember who.)

So at another level, the barrier between self and other is completely illusory.  I don’t even exist.  You and me, we’re completely the same thing.  It’s the projective “You” that is illusory, the source of conflicts, the source of confusion – which is “you?”  Which is me?

self and other

After enough projection, after enough mirroring, enough confusion, collision, conflict, and incoherence, we forget which one of us is who as we remain separate, we realize we are just one hive mind standing apart from itself and it seems rather silly.

We are all one.


Time is separation – because time and space are unified in the form of space-time, meaning time is also distance.

If there was no time, there would be no distance, and everything would exist at one unified point.

Distance is separation.

One of the most powerful forms of separation is the separation between Self and Other.

One of the most powerful forms of Self and Other is gender.

Destroy Gender.  Destroy Self and Other.  End Time.  End Distance.  End Separation.  Unify All.

(Hint: to destroy gender, overthrow capitalismTo overthrow capitalism, focus on class struggle.)


Souls are like electrons orbiting through lives, repeating back through, time-traveling back in loops.

A life is like a line through time.

chaos bw

Your current moment of experiencing it is like a spark traveling down that line, like an electron passing along an orbit.

Your spark, your electron, your soul will also travel and circle through perhaps this, your current lines when it is done this iteration of it, but perhaps also through other ones.

Perhaps it will travel through other possibilities of lives very much like you – copies of you with slight variations, other possibilities of you in the multiverse (who is the real you – the line you are traveling, or the soul traveling it, collecting dim subconscious soul-memories as it goes?).


Perhaps it will travel through completely other lives.

These soul-electron-sparks pass through orbitals of people with whom you have strong relationships.

These relationships could be your friends, lovers, family.  Paradoxically they could also be your enemies, or people with whom your form of relationship has changed.  And the stronger the relationship you have with them, actually the more times you have traveled through their life, and they through yours.  A strong relationship is a like a shared electron of reincarnation between two atoms, creating a molecular bond, repeating through the orbit of your lives repeatedly.  You have been each other many, even infinite times.

You can have an intuitive, nearly mind-sharing relationship with the people with whom you are close.  This psychic connection can be the subconscious anticipation of the memories you are having of their life, the last time you traveled and lived it, re-occurring to you at this moment in time.


If you step on a bug, are you killing an incarnation of your mother in another life?

Are you killing an incarnation of yourself?

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Matthew 25:40

If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person?

–Fight Club

One of the best parts of Westworld was how Dolores had a conversation with herself via the medium of the entire park.


We are all coins passing through each other’s hands.


If we are God, ie one unified being, then what do we want to do?

We should probably get to work making things comfortable for ourselves.

We should probably rule as God, ie as one, ie equally, collectively, and democratically, and that would have to be applied to the economy as well.

Well.  That was fast.


You can’t unify with some things or people in this world.

The only possible unity you could have with them would be in death, in the spirit world.

We are faced with a choice.

Ultimately we will have the technology to live forever.  We will have it soon.

We will also have the technology to ensure the permanent duration of the universe, or to decide to bring this great cycle of creation to a collective end, to start over, to begin everything again as atoms, as quanta, as the smallest dust of creation and begin the great process of life once more.  That, or take our chances seeing what happiness we can create from enduring an eternity being ourselves – trying to do our best creating ceaselessly, endlessly new possibilities, new adventures – or finding the things that are truly enjoyable repetitively, no matter how many times you do them – or seeing if maybe we can cheat the rules, and unify with those things or people we’ve been told we couldn’t – or seeing if we truly can endure an eternity without those things or people that we’re just not able to unify with in this life.

And if, then, we’ve exhausted the possibilities of a universe and millennia of millennia of stellar, hypertechnological, perhaps interdimensional inter-species celebratory civilization, perhaps then, we will see the necessity of death.  Perhaps then we will see the necessity of all cycles to come to an end.  And then we will see the necessity for all things to unify in the formlessness, blend, timelessness, boundarilessness, and chaos of spirit.


Or maybe we’ll just taste it, flirt with it, become matter-spirit hybrids, half in and half out, and stay anchored, rooted, here in matter.

Ultimately the choice will be ours.


Perhaps the only thing wrong with the Buddhist concept of Enlightenment is that you’re not supposed to say you’ve become Enlightened.

It’s okay.  You can say it.

Just make damn sure you can back it up.


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