Why am I in costume/crazy?: Emperor Saturn concept

I am acting crazy consciously on purpose, that’s the idea.  Emperor Saturn is a comedy routine/protest performance art.  That people think I’ve lost my mind means the performance has succeeded.  I’m kind of disappointed I have to explain it to you muggles.

Which is not to say I haven’t lost my mind — but the whole world has.  The idea is that the USA has collapsed into a political environment something like Weimar Germany, where extremism of both the Left and Right are on the rise, conspiracy figures like Alex Jones are actually gaining currency, fringe alternative ideas like libertarianism, anarchism, the Venus Project etc. are increasingly relevant, traditional religion is breaking down, people are grasping for alternative religions, cults and cult figures are popping up everywhere, and demagogue figures can easily rise.  Indeed, one just became president, and a demagogue-esque figure on the Left, Sanders, was a serious force.

The idea of Emperor Saturn is to play with and highlight this demagoguic environment, while also utilizing the performance art aspect of it to advance and insert political ideas and tactics that actually make sense and might otherwise be too advanced to swallow by using comedy and theatrics.

If a reality TV star and slimy casino capitalist can become president of the world’s most powerful country, why can’t I just declare myself king of the world?  I’m certainly a more competent administrator and have better political values than Trump.  I would definitely be a better choice.

Emperor Saturn is a parody of the business white male megalomaniacal ego, a parody of Donald Trump’s narcissism, a parody of Tim Horras’ chairmanship of Philly Socialists and continued Tim Dynasty in the person of David Thompson, also a parody of Internet personalities and how everyone thinks they have somehow become a literal god just because they get some followers on Twitter or because some people like their posts or comments on Facebook.

Emperor Saturn is also me making fun of myself a little, while also just having fun running wild living my wildest dreams.  Everybody wants to rule the world, and I’m living it, because this is the age of the Internet with people making up screen names, this is the age of new gender identities, all of which is awesome actually and which inspired my own deal, it seems like everyone is really just doing whatever the hell they want.  I figured hey, I wanted to declare myself king, God, and name myself after a planet/Roman deity, so I did!  (To be clear, though, am the Roman deity, I apparently went back in time at some future point, visited the ancient Romans, and they named the planet after me, just as Quentin Tarantino looks like me, I don’t look like him, etc., you get the idea.)

To be clear, the God thing is not exclusive, you can declare yourself God as well, and you should.  The point of this is not really for me to just say I am God, but for me to say, “I am God and so can you, ie you can do this too and live your life with full force and nothing held back.  Many religions have said “everyone is God” in various ways, it’s an old message, but a good one, and I don’t mind being just one more person to repeat it.  I think there’s something more powerful to embracing it on an individual-by-individual basis, though, than just saying “everyone is God.”

And the first rule of the Solar Empire is to overthrow me, the Emperor, making it quite…Saturnalian!  Indeed, I conceive of myself as a continuous King of the Saturnalia, or Lord of Misrule, in this continuous Feast of Fools that is our politics, our country, our reality, our lives.

Is there more depth and sincerity to the content on my blog?  Well, yes, obviously.  Everything on my blog is kidding-and-not-kidding-at-the-same-time.  It revels in its own ridiculousness while saying, no, seriously, this is real, and relishes just how much it pushes your buttons and overloads your comfort zones of just how weird everything is getting in 2017 – while trying to deliver the most cutting-edge, synthesizing advanced concepts in Left strategy and religious philosophy, if not just half-decent variations on half-decent old themes.

Hopefully the bizarre juxtaposition between the sound reasoning and unbelievability of the content on my blog makes you question your own thoughts a bit too.  Question everything.  Be self-aware and think critically, be firm in your opinions when you’re sure you’ve examined them well, when you hear something that challenges them from a new angle be open to it, etc.

All in all though, I definitely do insist on my First Amendment right as an American to believe in whatever religion I like, meaning that yes, I do believe that I am God (pfft, like who isn’t?), and as God, my foremost duty is to have a good time.  Because if I’m the center of the universe, and I’m not having a good time, then what’s the point of the universe?  It’s not an aggressive stance, hopefully.  I do tend to enjoy myself when others are enjoying themselves as well.

I have noticed, though, that the Emperor Saturn character has an intensification effect, of making people have a worse time if they were already the type of people inclined to have a bad time, and making people have a good time if they were the type of people inclined to have a good one.

So just remember.  The point of life is to have a good time.  Keep that in mind and everything else goes pretty well.

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