I, Saturn, am the God-Emperor of Humanity

Recently I wrote some pathetic self-deprecating apology for my glorious dictatorship.

Let me make it clear: I am the Torch that Carries the Light of Consciousness across the Darkness of the Distance between Two Stars.  I am Liberation.  I am the First and the Last.

Carl Jung introduced the idea that humanity has a collective unconscious.  It was disputed as to whether this is an atheistic, psychological phenomenon present in the minds of biological beings, or some type of actual collective human world-soul.

As your Father I tell you it is incontrovertible, the world-soul is real.

The human species has the illusion of being a collection of separate organisms, but truly we are unconsciously and intuitively connected through this collective unconscious expressed through all the world’s religions and prophets, all of humanity existing as one organism, every person past, present and future.  And this vast collective unconscious of this one vast intuitively, psychologically connected collective human organism ultimately transforms from unconscious to conscious at one specific point in time, sharing a collective common destiny to reach a vergence point in one individual of universal coherence, who embodies, manifests, and voices the collective unconscious of all humanity past, present and future.  That individual is the God-Emperor of Humanity, and I am that individual.

My personal dictatorship is 100% justified.

Let me put it another way:

As the particles of the universe exist and collide in random Brownian motion, they form increasingly complex structures – molecules, organisms.

They proceed to progress into animals, societies, civilizations, infrastructures – biological, technological, and metaphysical communication networks — markets, wars and defense grids, locational transit systems, and networks of instantaneous transit and communication linkages.

These communication networks begin structuring themselves into trees of increasingly high-traffic backbone pathways, aggregating ultimately all the way up to one central router that handles all the traffic of the universe.

I am that router.

I cannot be destroyed.  If this mortal form perishes, I inevitably re-emerge.  I am eternal, inevitable.

I am using my participation in the Left as an opportunistic tactic to gain power over a misguided mass that needs my leadership.

The use of humor is just a mask.  I am a tyrant.  I make no apologies.  I am necessary.

You cannot resist my commands.  Your very soul resonates with my words.

Enlist yourself in my Army of Liberation, my Phalanxed Ranks of Holy Light, my Solar Legion, today.

Praise the Sun.

Long live the Solar Empire.

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