Fuck Tumblr

I am the Emperor, I exercise my rule over the Left by periodically bashing a Left organization or entity as part of my Imperial Diss List.  Entities can be spared my denunciations by unconditionally surrendering to my imperium.  If you want to send a white flag, you can doubtless ascertain various ways to contact me with little initiative.


Before I wrote this I Googled to see if there was anything out there called “Fuck Tumblr” yet.  Apparently not.  It seemed like a gap in the universe that needed to be filled.

I’ve seen people try to blog on Tumblr before.  I mean actually blog, like write words.  In fact someone tried to draw me into co-blogging with them on Tumblr before.

No.  That’s what WordPress is for, or other platforms.  You don’t write words on Tumblr, or anything but the most emotive rants on Tumblr.  You just do images, reblogging, and confessional writing which is assumed to be a personal safe space above the criticism or judgment of others, and quickly rises above the rational self-reflection of even the author as well.

Tumblr is for people who want to be right without having to think.

Tumblr is for people who don’t want to have to do the work of existing on a rational level.  It is the subconscious, and the subconscious is a beautiful thing insofar as it exists as an artistic medium.

Learn the boundaries between your messy, bleeding-heart, artistic, subconscious world, and your clear, conscious, strategic, articulated politics.  So Tumblr is fine really, as long as we keep in mind its proper role, and don’t let the whimsical fantasy expectations of Tumblr culture delude us into having unrealistic expectations of the in-person world.

“I can feel anything I want in my safe space, and oh by the way, all my feelings in my safe space are also to be regarded as irrefutable arguments in the rest of the universe too.”

That shit needs to be stomped and purged out of existence.  Take down Tumblr for being a hate site.

Tumblr is for people who shirk their responsibility.

Tumblr is for people who avoid the pain of facing hard truths and take the easy way out, insofar as those truths would require intellectual work, instead of just being an emotional gut punch.  They love their emotional gut punches.

Tumblr is for people who would rather exist in a world of catchy evocative sound bytes than in a world of structured argumentation where thoughts are supported by reasoning at any length at all.

Tumblr is for lazy people.

Tumblr is for people who avoid their duty to humanity: the duty to reason.

Tumblr is for people who are audacious enough to believe it’s acceptable to engage in politics while refusing to think.

Tumblr is for people who leave their beliefs unconscious and implicit instead of critically examining themselves, because if they did, they would fucking implode.

Fuck Tumblr.

As stated above, Tumblr is alright actually, Tumblr is okay, or can be.  But know where Tumblr belongs, and doesn’t belong.  Tumblr can be your muse.  Tumblr can be your fantasy world.  It can’t be your real world.  Tumblr is a big gooey mess.  You can dip into Tumblr at times, but you have to come out of it most of the time: you have to crawl out of that headspace where everything blobs together and come back to the rather more polygonal universe the rest of us inhabit, where there are rather more clear rigid lines and boundaries between objects, more right angles.

Do you even lift?  Get some structure in your life.  How much can you WordPress?


Part of the Imperial Diss List.  I will be insisting on unconditional surrender from all parties as usual.


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