Cold Steel World by Terrorfakt review

Terrorfakt, generally, as a band, just makes me feel like all other music needs to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.

There is no other music after Terrorfakt.

Terrorfakt is the music.

Life is over once you hear Terrorfakt.

You realize you’ll just never do anything as good.

But while life is over, you realize, at the same time, life can also begin.  Because you have discovered the secret key of the universe.  You have discovered Terrorfakt.  You have discovered this magical essence that you can carry into all other areas of life, and if ever you should face a difficulty, you can just tie it back somehow to getting some involved party to listen to Terrorfakt, to hear Terrorfakt, to remember how Terrofakt makes you feel, to get the crowd dancing to Terrorfakt, and you can be sure that whatever obstacle is in your path, it’s definitely going to be solved.


A little background on this band.

From their Wikipedia entry:

Terrorfakt is an industrialpower noise musical project from New York City, and created in response to the events of September 11, 2001.

That’s all I need to say.


I don’t know how the fuck they get those grind effects that hard.

And they don’t do this artsy time signature shit.  The beats are beats.  The beats are accessible, indeed moronical enough that they sink into the penultimate epicenter of your prehistoric nematode instinctual glandular brain.  And they don’t lace it up with vocals.

It’s just all grind, all beats, all straight to the nematode gland brain.

If the socialist revolution is a mass biological human flocking instinct event on a global scale, Terrorfakt is something you could run a revolution off of.

Maybe Terrorfakt is the global human migration call we need.


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