Modern Maoism is more toxic than modern Stalinism

  • Anarchist scenes and Leftbook are more accepting of Maoism than Stalinism because it’s more agrarian, identitarian, anti-imperialist, and insurrectionist, but this is all beside the point because it’s still ultimate authoritarianism at heart
  • Modern Maoism more widespread, perhaps not on the Internet, but in terms of in-person organization
  • Its adherents somehow believe themselves to be more democratic and libertarian than Stalinists, causing them to gaslight others (and themselves!) by claiming such, while in reality practicing repressive and cultish practices identical to Stalinism against themselves and others — their confusion about themselves confuses others
  • While Stalinism seems to emphasize a heavy-handed top-down repressive administrative apparatus, Maoism almost seems to rely on repression in the form of a religious system, placing repression at the level of the social psyche, relying on struggle sessions and self-criticism, turning the population’s minds against themselves in a more successful totalitarian sense – Maoism’s weapon against you is yourself – the toxic calls and rituals for “self-crit” on Leftbook and their accompanying intolerant identity politics discourse largely have their origin in Maoism – this is not to say the actual PRC did not rely heavily on imprisonment, show trials, and direct military violent force for repression
  • Modern Maoists often avoid the difficult and ridiculous historical claims of having to justify the Stalin era itself, easily dodging that entire debate
  • Most Stalinists in reality reject Stalin, and even deny the fact that there is such a thing as “Stalinism,” and to even discuss or acknowledge Stalin or Stalinism is often an embarrassment preferably avoided.  This is similar to how Western rulers deny “class society” or “plutocracy” calling it democracy and capitalism.  Denial of Stalinism is a defining feature of Stalinism.  This actually makes Maoists arch-Stalinists, more Stalinist than even the Stalinists, insofar as they are Stalinists who make an entire ideology out of pretending they are not.
  • Many Maoists make the slippery claim that that the degeneration of the Chinese Communist Party is the fault of capitalist roaders or conservative-bureaucratic factions instead of the venomously manipulative, dishonest, and anti-democracy tendencies inherent in the entire party, complicating debates
  • Most justifiers of Stalin are, in practice, also justifiers of Mao anyway; most modern Stalinists are in practice also at least partial Maoists

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