Psychedelic socialism: restructure neural networks, democratize power networks

brain on lsd
The first MRI scans of the brain on psychedelics, as late as 2016, had to be crowdfunded because no university would fund it.

If society is a mappable power network of human relationships, organizations are mappable power networks of human relationships, and the brain is a mappable network of neurons, they can all be revolutionized by the rearrangement of their network structures through psychedelics.  Psilocybin mushrooms symbolically unite neural and human social networks with their own rhizomatic network of root structures.

As I wrote in my universal theory of class societies and organizational democracy, societies and organizations are equal and democratic, or unequal and undemocratic, depending on whether their networks of human relationships form star networks, or mesh networks.  Concentrations of capital and state power are synchronous with accumulation of social capital, ie being well-known and popular.

star network vs mesh network

You overthrow the spontaneously-existing rulers and leaders of societies and organizations by circumventing them, creating networks of relationships between the masses of that body, so they can organize themselves collectively and democratically without the figureheads.  The more relationships, the less the group relies on any central figure to convene the democracy and make decisions.

social network theory

Similarly, an individual person’s mind is restricted and repressed, or integrated and liberated, depending on whether they’ve allowed their subconconscious mind to surface into their conscious thoughts.  This is not just a psychological concept, but is literally mappable in the structure of the relationship of their neural connections with each other.

As this video/article explains, usually there is a traffic cop at the center, the hippocampus, regulating traffic, saying which thing is appropriate to go with which thing, in neurological terms.  This is usually helpful because it keeps things making sense.  But it also limits creativity.

When that traffic cop breaks down, it allows the synesthesia associated with psychedelic experiences: you smell colors, you see sounds, etc.

But it goes beyond that.  Psychedelics allow you to gain massive insights by allowing cross-talk between different parts of your brain that would ordinarily never occur because the traffic cop is in the way.  You admit things about your life that you have been pushing off and not confronting.  Forgotten trains of thought re-emerge.  New creativity surfaces.  A general well-roundedness coheres.

lsd brain disintegration interaction

Generally, psychedelics shift the brain from being more of a star network to being more of a mesh network.  Even after the chemical has worn off, those mental and possibly neural associations remain, as the main character of Limitless observed at the end of the film.

It’s not radicalizing simply in that you realize repressed embarrassing truths you might not have wanted to admit, but that you gain greater radical integration of every single facet of life.  In marxist dialectics the idea that everything is interconnected is called the totality, and when the totality reaches its greatest state of alignment with itself is usually a moment of revolution.


Literal connection between changing the mental network and changing the social network

The mental insights you gain on psychedelics open you to exploring new areas of life you would previously not have considered, and this means new scenes are groups of people.  This means quite possible blending across different class, race, and gender groups which you would previously not have mixed across.

When you’re on psychedelics you bond with new people more freely.

Some people trip alone, but some people get out in public and socialize with people they wouldn’t ordinarily socialize with in crowd situations.

Some people form deep one-on-one bonds tripping with people they already knew a little, or even deeper bonds with people they thought they already knew, but get to know in an entirely new way.  On psychedelics the individual mind seems to break down into a collective group mind among the people who are on them.  Quite literally, psychedelics bring people together, building the social network.


Psychedelics push boundaries of needed social chaos/next stage of human evolution

Psychedelics are comparable to really any intoxicant in this way, but we all need to lose ourselves.  We all need to be someone else.  We all alter ourselves in various ways, and this is necessary.  We leave ourselves behind to become something new that is more deeply, surprisingly, and even ever accurately and actually, truly ourselves.

In this way, the struggle between ego and subconscious within one person reflects the struggle between state and people, between ruling class and working class, in society at large.  Psychedelics are the softening element which introduce revolutionary chaos, disrupting the “mental security apparatus” (ego) within one individual’s mind.

Arguably the social struggle is a sort of psychological struggle of society itself – the state is the social ego, the people is the social subconscious, and they fight.  Intoxicants allow this fight to erupt.  Supposedly the disruptive Bernie delegates at the DNC were all shitfaced.

Ultimately, however, there is an intense method to the madness.  Psychedelics have a reputation for creating incoherence in the people taking them.  This may be a temporary effect of the difficulty of communicating the sheer overwhelming amount of insight flowing through a person during the duration of their effects.  With work, after the experience, the thoughts of a person who have taken psychedelics are actually far more logical, systematic, cohered, crystallized, and integrated than ever.  But people who have not taken them cannot understand this because it is a synthesis in total violation and opposition of everything a pre-psychedelic understanding is capable of comprehending.

Rather than a drunkening intoxicant, psychedelics should really be understood as a futurist, sharpening, technological, intelligence-enhancing nootropic drug.

It has been said that the problem with socialism is that it is too advanced a form of society for a primitive species like humanity to manage.  I don’t agree.  But if we want to make humanity more advanced, a way to do that actually does exist.

We can put humanity on psychedelics.

A person on psychedelics is no longer strictly biological.  They are engaging in artificial intelligence.  They have become a cyborg.  They are modified, enhanced, improved.

Psychedelics are a software update to your consciousness’ operating system — and a good one.

Depending on how far out on a limb you are willing to go, psychedelics are not even simply an intelligence-enhancing drug.  They are a substance which literally increase the extent of alignment of a person with Jungian synchronicities in space-time.  The more you take, the more you find coincidences happening to you, the more you are entered into the stream of history.

acid leninism


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