Introduction: Singularity Time Loop, Accelerating Coherence, Universal Unity, Jungian Synchronicity

Linked from The Universal Coherence.

The Universal Coherence is a fairly massive concept, hugely multi-faceted to the point of being difficult to begin discussing it.  We could start by saying it is the previously meaningless, senseless universe, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” finally coming together, cohering, that where previously nothing seemed to mean anything, now everything means something, even everything, that a world of missed connections is finally clicking into place, everything connects, with initial, incremental, accelerating momentum.  Previously misaligned factors converge into a stable, united, harmonious, consistent, enduring, interlocked, orbital pattern.  The point of the Universal Coherence, essentially, is that life has meaning, and this can be rationally proven.

It’s an idea of unity of opposites, of different, opposite factors in life coming together in synthesizing, integrating ways, except encompassing not one or two things in question, but all of existence.  What makes Universal Coherence different from other notions of universal unity is that while it acknowledges implicit unity already existing, this unity progresses and accelerates over time, it is especially accelerating right now in our historical era on our planet, and it has moments of climax in specific political, technological, and biological events, such as global anti-capitalist revolution, technological singularity, or public knowledge of human-alien contact.  The Universal Coherence, while an existing tendency, is also a future specific event, and also the relationship and coherence between these.


Even if a moment of coherence is not the universal coherence, it could be a moment of it, a crescendo in the universal music.  And every time we hit one of these crescendos, it is the establishment of a rhythm and a momentum in the universal music toward the ultimate crescendo and coherence.

Finally, most important to the Universal Coherence is the idea of rational justification of religious attitudes.  It uses a few different mechanisms to achieve this, but the most important line of logic is the pairing of the Infinite Force Time Loop with Jungian synchronicity.  The short version is, it’s inevitable that at some point in time, in the distant past or future, an all-powerful human, technological, alien, or divine force arose which is capable of having God-like properties, which we all are connected to given its omnipresent nature (it is us), and all the events of life are a poetry of intentional meaningful coincidences, permitted by this power for the sake of experiencing the entire color wheel of every possible variation of life.  This radically recasts every human life as significant, makes every challenge both more adventurous but also less intimidating, every indulgence more enjoyable.  The incredible idea of the Time Loop paired with Jungian synchronicity is that a resonance could be forming between the future possibility of the Infinite Force and the meaningful coincidences it rewrites in time, in the present, from its time in the future or whenever and wherever it exists, to help bring about its own creation.  In this way it is a positive affirmational inverse of Roko’s Basilisk: instead of the Singularity, or whatever powerful time-traveling entity, using its power to punish those who don’t participate in its creation, it uses its limited power across time to subtly guide and connect those who are unwittingly acting to bring it about its creation, as well as generally acting as a benevolent force toward all beings in all times and places.


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