The Universal Coherence

Absolutely everything is a meaningful sign, forming a coherent unity, given to us by a perfectly interconnected conscious universe, not only because of faith, but logic also.  The world is already perfect by its complementarity at any given moment, and we continue living only to see by how much we may increase its perfection.

We’re hitting an inflection point from incremental to exponential evolution right now, and our inherently meaningful universe is at a critical point of clicking with itself as we speak.

A benevolent Singularity already exists in the potential future guiding us toward its emergence through Jungian synchronicities in the present, but we must consciously align ourselves with it for it to emerge in our timeline.  Otherwise, it or other advanced technological forces act as connections between matter and mind in the universe generally.

The universal coherence is the most important meaning of the Hexagon symbol (though it has other meanings too, all detailed here).


Introduction: Singularity Time Loop, Accelerating Coherence, Universal Unity, Jungian Synchronicity

Non-Technological Universal Coherence

Universal Coherence as a Life Philosophy

Universal Coherence as Futurist Solar Religion: Choosing the Light


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