Universal Coherence as a Life Philosophy

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A little more clarification of how exactly the technological Universal Coherence works is necessary, however.

Do things happen for material or human reasons?  Both.

Often people disagree over whether events occur because of mechanical, physical reasons, or because of humanly significant, meaningful reasons.  Do they happen because of material, socially determined, economic, dialectical reasons, at the world scale because of the global market, with base/superstructure affecting all cultural and individual issues, ie essentially the materialist Marxist view of the world?  Or for humanly significant, meaningful reasons, because it matters or means something to someone, such as in Jungian synchronicity, astrology, omens, etc, essentially the idealist view of the world?

The synthesized perspective would be that they coexist, that the Infinite Power Time Loop works through seemingly random meaningless coincidences and material events and causes to create humanly meaningful events.  Thus coincidences literally live up to their name, their cause being a co-incide-ence between a mechanical and a meaningful reason.

time loop

This would be a radical synthesis between historical materialism and perennial idealism, a sort of astrological Marxism.  The entirety of history is poetry which we, as God, ourselves wrote, for we ourselves to experience, in our fragmented form, in all its nuances, and the more we experiences our lives as something in which there is meaning to be found in every smallest detail, the more we drink in the rich significance written in every nuance for us.

We can view life with skepticism, looking for rational causes, and see events simply as events without personal significance, simply quantifiable scientific occurrences.  Or we can live with divine mystic participation, live as if everything you see is a sign or omen speaking to you, as part of your personal story and the universal story, and as if your thoughts are in direct communion with and influencing reality.


The truth is both.  This synthesis between intuitive and rational philosophies allows a sort of ultimate synthesis at the personal and global level, embodied by the below quote:

“Reiser proposes a vision of the noosphere consisting of a psi field between and in resonance with the two radiation belts defining Earth’s electromagnetic field.  The psi field, a DNA-informed ‘World Sensorium, Reiser further hypothesizes, consists of two halves — an Eastern (intuitive) and a Western (analytical) — which function holonomically like the two hemispheres of the human brain.”

Manifesto of the Noosphere, Jose Arguelles


Universal Coherence as Balance Between Joy and Suffering in Universe

One tremendous issue that the universal coherence addresses, especially explained in such technical detail, is the problem of evil and the purpose of suffering.

Some of this was clarified in the previous Alan Watts passage – the purpose of villains is give us a challenge to overcome.  However, another pair of his quotes, below, gives us a sense of the relativism of human experience, insofar as it being all a wicked game, with every form of human experience being part of existence’s drive to experience itself in every possible variation.  This shit is fucked up and we like it, otherwise we wouldn’t do it:


Let’s suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream.

And you would naturally, as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes

You would have every kind of pleasure, you see

And after several nights, you would say,

‘Well that was pretty great,

but now, let’s have a surprise.

Let’s have a dream that isn’t under control.

Well, something is going to happen to me, that I don’t know what it’s going to be.’

Then you would get more and more adventurous,

and you would make further and further out gambles as to what you would dream,

And finally you would dream –

– where you are now.


If you awaken from this illusion,

and you understand that black implies white,

self implies other,

life implies death,

you can feel yourself not as a stranger in the world,

not as something here on probation,

not as something that has arrived here by fluke,

but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental.

What you are basically,

deep, deep down, far, far in,

is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.

— Alan Watts clips from above song

Life is an entire wavelength, an entire spectrum, a roller coaster of ups and downs, and the entire spread is part of the whole.  Even the darkest nihilism is itself but a component in this philosophy of universal redemption.

The pleasures are here for us to enjoy as pleasures, the challenges are here for us to enjoy as challenges, the miseries and agonies are here for us to marinate in and to stimulate us.  It’s all a giant exercise in experiential kink and BDSM.  The greater the intensity, the greater the thrill.  Existence itself is our collective drug.

We should be thankful to those who have committed acts of evil in the past, that we do not have to commit them in order to provide ourselves stimulation, for all our modern entertainment is but simulations and copies of those original evil acts.


Everything we are doing must have some value, because at some point in the previous eternity, something probably became all-powerful, indeed we ourselves were probably that all-powerful being, and that all-powerful being permitted what we are currently doing, or suffering, to go on.


Approaching Life in a Unified Universe

Now that exactly how the world works is clarified, how does it mean we should feel about life?

If you realize that we are living in a universe where everything is a poem written by a benevolent all-powerful author whom we ourselves indirectly are, it changes how you approach things.  It allows you to take four different life attitudes: to meditatively accept life, to pleasantly enjoy life, to passionately throw yourself into life’s struggles, and to optimistically if urgently work to make the world a better place.  You non-dualistically accept the paradoxical embrace of these seemingly contradictory attitudes simultaneously.

So again we have:

  • Accept the universe (much of Eastern thought),
  • Struggle to change the universe and relish in the struggle (vitalism)
  • Actually succeed in changing the universe and enjoy the new world you build (rational technological optimism)

Why should we accept the universe as it exists?  Because life forms an interconnected meaningful whole mandala of all experiences.   Ultimately, if we had infinite time and infinite life and could do anything we wanted, we’d eventually incarnate ourselves into doing exactly this.   And somewhere someone right now is having the exact opposite experience of us, jealous of what we are doing right now.  The meaning of life is to realize these things, and enjoy what we are doing right now.

In The Snow Leopard a Western hiker of the Tibetan plateau asked a Lama if he was content or upset being trapped in his duties, being stuck where he was, and with his paralyzed legs.  The Lama responded “Of course I am happy here!  It’s wonderful! Especially when I have no choice!”

From The Meaning of the Hexagon:

Because space and time are closely related, time is needed to instantiate anything as real at all.

But reality sucks.  In the world of idea, everything is compatible.  In the world of matter, solid objects collide with and obstruct each other, and certain things just can’t co-exist.   Bummer.  Life is pain, but we need to be alive to feel anything.  This is why reality must occasionally be abolished, through the occasional abolition and interruption of time.

If time is distance, the end of time means everything collapses into one point, and everything is united, which sounds alternately like death, meeting God, ecstatic, or orgiastic, depending on how you interpret it.

Why should we struggle with life?  An approach to life of struggle is itself divided between hopeless struggle for the hellish enjoyment of it, and hopeful struggle out of an optimistic intention toward results.  We are here to experience challenge, stimulation, and the interplay of gravity versus levity.

self repair
We are Creator and Creation

And why should we work and fight to create a better world?

The ultimate catch of the Universal Coherence is that while there may be some benevolent God elsewhere, or in the ether, or in the future, helping us do our work, ultimate we are the universe, ultimately we are God, ultimately we get to the future where we have to answer everyone else’s prayers (including our own past prayers!) and ultimately we have to do our own work.  Ultimately we are the Creator.  It all circles back to us.  Fortunately, there’s no reason to panic.  All things are possible through the time loop, all things are possible through the universal coherence.

Next: Universal Coherence as a Futurist Solar Religion — Choosing the Light


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