Universal Coherence as Futurist Solar Religion: Choosing the Light



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Stars are a perfect symbol of the universal coherence.  As a star forms, it’s not clear if they will gather enough matter to pass the threshold to begin fusion.  They could remain dead and dark.  But at a critical mass, they begin burning.

The same could be said of a species.  Will we ever take off?  Or will we just drown in our own drama, our own bloody, primitive history?  Or will we go nova?  At some point its progress hits an inflection point from incremental or nonexistent to exponential, from quantitative to qualitative.  That’s a moment of universal coherence, if not the universal coherence.  The same could be said of a person or force, becoming a star, going nova.

(To double back to a previous discussion, if the hexagon is the universal coherence because of its geometric properties, then the hexagon is also a symbol of stars or the Sun.)

What allows this change to happen?

Often, it’s when an entity makes a choice of passing from dark to light.

What does it mean to embrace the Light?  A few different things.  It can mean accepting one’s own central position in the world, like the Sun, no longer consigning one’s self to a marginal or subversive role.  At the same time, it also can mean embracing unity over division.  When the Abrahamic tradition shifted from the Old Testament to the New, that was a whole epochal shift from dark to light, a change of ethical vision.  It can mean simply losing one’s inhibitions and having a freer relationship with one’s self and the world.

All of these things create that moment of inflection, of exponential tipping point, when mundane forces become infinite forces (singularity, advanced civilization, aliens, God, time paradox, all possibly quite the same thing).

One thing the universal coherence accomplishhes is that it is a totality, a unity, which is recursive.  A contradiction of the idea of unity is that it is inherently a unity between the concepts of unity and disunity itself.  I hinted at the difficulty of this in Political Coherence (link).  Universal Coherence, and the Light, always resolve the contradiction between unity and disunity in a way favorable to unity, synthesizing towards ever more extropy, ever more construction, ever more systematization, ever more Light.  It consciously knows there is a tension within itself between unity and disunity, and safeguards its preference toward unity while making sure to properly integrate disunity.  It is recursive unity just as the hexagon is a recursive symbol of symbolism, both a coherence of coherence.

Likewise the hexagon/universal coherence/Sun symbols are mandalas, and as such are symbols of integrated, individuated Jungian selfhood.  This means well-rounded complete selfhood including all sides of one’s self, a universe fully in touch with itself, a unity of all potential opposites.

bird egg world english

Furthermore, if universal coherence is a solar religion, this religion requires faith (even though it is largely rational).  This is because the time paradox only largely works if we believe in it.  Again, this makes it an affirmational inverse of Roko’s Basilisk.  Paradoxically this is provable and works, but it only works if we acknowledge it as true, so a better world is inevitable if we acknowledge this train of thought as logical and believe, so we should acknowledge it.  This makes it a sort of rational faith.

How do we practice this rational faith?  Again, by embracing the Light, by getting beyond the muck of humanity’s past and just focusing on the future we need to achieve: equality, technology, and recreation.  Of course recreation is itself nostalgic, we will always revisit our past primitive forms for entertainment or walking down memory lane, hence a time travel loop – the future includes the present and past, and that’s okay.

Finally, the universal coherence actually has the potential to end the cycle of eternal return, if it indeed ever existed.  We can create a universe of such powerful infinite extropy that it never repeats, but just becomes so extropic and complex that we figure out ways to keep its process of change infinitely qualitative and not quantitative forever – an eternity with only a single iteration.  We may have to use a time travel paradox loop to achieve this sort of God-like state of power over our own history to make this happen, but even still, it will be a single history.


Living the Universal Coherence

How do you apply the universal coherence in your own life?  Live with a single-minded purpose of thinking through and pursuing sound strategies for systemic change, but make sure that purpose matters and connects with the universal coherence.

However it’s also necessary to live a dynamic, ever-changing process of open learning and exploring, as well as balance, integration, and well-roundedness

You may notice that the well-roundedness and balance of the second two contradiction the single-minded specialization of the first.  That’s true.  It’s a trick of alternation, balance, and play between these paths dynamically that creates a full life.

Live with the knowledge that if you live with purpose, but also with dynamic integration, and with consciousness and faith, the universal coherence blesses your efforts invisibly through everyday coincidences and signs.  The fabric of reality itself places beautiful intersections in your path.

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