Remove Trump: Pence & Congress Have No Populist Support

A government without public support or elected legitimacy is a government vulnerable to and malleable by mass popular unrest, which we can provide.


The Left is at a crossroads.  It’s not sure it has the confidence to push Trump out of office.

God knows the liberal media and politicians aren’t resolute in the matter.  All they’ll do is make negative noise and look around wondering who’s leading this charge, because it’s sure not them.  A swift kick in the rear from the pressure of street protests is the decisive thing that would send things tipping over the edge.  But it seems like we’re not sure if we want to provide that kick.

We should be sure.  But we’re afraid of who comes after Trump.  We shouldn’t be.  They’ll be in an even weaker position than Trump if we throw him out.

We’re obviously not just throwing out Trump for the sole sake of it, but as part of a continuing mass movement that pushes on, gaining confidence from whatever victories we attain, resuming the social and economic justice agendas of Occupy Wall Street, of the Sanders campaign, of the many protests against Trump, and we will continue pushing in whatever form we have to.

Taking out Trump is just the first domino in a cascading scenario of regime change, reform, and potentially systemic change and rebellion.

The critical issue is this:

Trump was elected, essentially, on a populist image, even if it was a xenophobic right-wing populism, of addressing a weak jobs and standard of living situation.  Clinton was an out-of-touch elitist who pretended the economy was fine for most people.  The election was a referendum on the fact that she was wrong.

Who is Pence?  Who are the Congressional Republicans, Ryan and the rest?  They sure are not Trump.  They are the opposite.  They are the Establishment Republicans, and the entire point of the Republican primary was to solidify the fact that the rank-and-file commoners of the American Right completely reject the corporate governmental Establishment Republicans in favor of the xenophobic populist Trump.  (After that thorough Trumping you’d think this would be irrevocably beaten into everyone’s minds.)

trump drain the swamp
this is what Trump supporters actually believe

Pence may be a Christian, but Christianity is so last decade.  The white American Christian Right is nearly dead.  The white Right is going from Christian to simply, White – a potent combination of economics and Internet is making people lose their religion, and in the place of Christian church community they instantiate white nationalist community.

Dangerous, yes, but the point right now is Pence, Paul Ryan, and the Congressional Republicans don’t represent the American Right base anymore.  The base won’t be satisfied with them if we push Trump out.

And that’s a weakness we are required to exploit.

The fact is a lot of the American Right base actually wanted Bernie Sanders and everyone knows it.  40% of his primary caucus voters identified as independents or Republicans.  And truth is, in America, most of the time, being an “Independent” usually means you vote Republican.  (Let’s face it, even some racists vote for social welfare, which is the whole thing Hitler manipulated in the first place.)  They wanted either a right-populist like Trump or a left-populist like Sanders, not corporate-government Establishment hacks like Clinton, Pence, Ryan, etc.

The current Republican Congress doesn’t represent what the American people really voted for or wanted.  It represents the disgusting stump left over when a bunch of disgusted people don’t vote, and the rest pick their least worst alternative, just like the presidents themselves.

So if we push Trump out, and keep up a militant leftist street movement demanding economic justice, demanding the sort of reforms that Bernie Sanders ran on, we can reveal the total illegitimacy of the entire Republican Congress, that it does not have the will, mandate, or backing of the American people whatsoever, and we can compel it to either legislate to the left, drive it out of office in 2018, or begin a mass occupation such as in Tahrir Square drafting a new, more streamlined and representative form of democracy replacing our archaic gridlocked Congress.

Now can we summon the inner self-motivation to do this?  Can we get the Left on board?  It’s true that, after the outrage over Clinton losing the election, and Trump’s initial executive orders, it seems like protest has petered out.  There’s a reason for that.  We need to build an enduring movement on a more sustainable basis.

Trump’s attacks on oppressed identities are obvious.  He’s released an onslaught of one executive order after another, attacking LGBT people, women, Muslims, immigrants, and the environment.

But these are highly morally charged issues, and at the end of the day, everyone’s bigger priority is that they have to eat and go back to work.  If we fight him on those grounds alone, it won’t create the mass groundswell mobilizing middle America that can become massive and endure.

The fact is, Trump isn’t addressing the economy.

we still in the post-Obama economy, where unemployment has (supposedly) dropped to 2009 levels, but 95% of jobs created in the recovery were part-time, meaning wages and benefits have been obliterated.  We still have a millennial unemployment rate wavering between 8% and 10% by official numbers, which are always low.

And Trump’s solution is to cut taxes to the rich.

If you want an image of the toll this is taking on people, opioid addiction is now the leading cause of death of people under 50.  It’s just seen as a moral panic, being addressed impressively liberally with treatment rather than criminalization, but radically disconnected from root causes, from class struggle, from economics.

Trump should be increasing minimum wage.  He should be instantiating guaranteed housing, or universal basic income, to alleviate the youth crisis, as Mark Zuckerburg recently pointed out.

He should be pursuing FDR-style federal work projects by building an advanced rail infrastructure or a national 0%-fossil fuel grid, or trying to generate scientific progress and quality jobs by landing someone on Mars.

If we cohered ourselves around an economic justice agenda, of universal healthcare, equal pay, student loan forgiveness, taxing the wealthy, creating jobs through public sector employment, it would rally a mass movement that could both throw Trump out of office, actually have substance and staying power, and actually stand for something meaningful beyond just being against a figurehead, or selling out to the opportunists in the other party.

trump election is rigged

One last thing.

The Left should be demonstrating and protesting and pressuring the government to investigate and prosecute the rigging of the DNC just as hard as we do so for the downfall of Trump.  Hell, we should call on Trump and the Republicans to join in the call for the DNC investigation; they are, theoretically, their opponents, and I’m sure Trump would like to take some of the pressure off himself.

This, ultimately, would only lead to the exacerbation of the tension that we really need to drive home most of all: the 2016 election was rigged for Trump to win, but not by the Russians.  The 2016 election was rigged for Trump to win by the liberal media and the Democrats who built intentionally built Trump up, to use him as a weapon against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Just as fascist movements don’t come out of nowhere, but are intentionally sponsored by wealthy liberal elites in response to rising socialist movements, Trump was intentionally created by the Clinton neoliberals to crush the Sanders insurrection. Trump said the election was rigged himself; why should we respect the result?  Let him put his money where his mouth is: let’s have another election between the candidates it should have been between.  Bernie would have won and we should still be pissed.


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