Most Leftist articles are boring and horrible

Let’s face it, most Leftist everything is boring and horrible right now.

We need to start from the position of acknowledging that at this point, most Leftists no longer have any energy for anything anymore.

We are completely burnt out.

We have come to feel that a huge amount of our activity has become completely pointless and we have been utterly spinning in circles.

The people doing collegey activist stuff in Generation Z are a bunch of identitarian idiots and I don’t feel particularly enthused about engaging them.  They’ll graduate from school and be defeated by the crushing economic realities of life like the rest of us.

Our scenes have collapsed into the most heinous self-destructive infighting over the most asinine personal drama combined with the most toxic identity politics and accusations, and we can’t tell if they’re poisonous because they’re true, they’re false, or some horrific paradox of both simultaneously.  To quote Mr. Meseeks, we fear the worst.

We need a huge release valve.

We need fun.

Can we do that?

Can we have a leftist scene sheerly preoccupied with nothing more than hedonistic self-indulgence?

Would it cease to be political?

Should I care?

No, no – let’s try to maintain both objectives simultaneously.  Let’s keep it political.  Let’s shoot the shit and hang out and also be political.

In a chat a friend once chided me that we can advance as a revolutionary movement if we focus on actual work instead of mutual masturbation.

I’m honestly fucking offended that they didn’t recognize that masturbation, mutual or otherwise, is a legitimate fucking political strategy.

It’s not like we can do anything important right now anyway.

We don’t have the power to achieve reforms.  I mean we can and must still advocate them as a way of building our social forces, increasing the tension in society, and making them possible later, but let’s not act like it’s some impending likelihood.

Organizing anything even on a local scale is too much work for anyone who has any kind of work life.  Most people are exhausted to a level that is literally debilitating from participating in political organizing.

Let’s just party.

Also, good advice for any Leftist at this point would be honestly just focus on your career.

P.S. Drugs are awesome and don’t say I didn’t tell you so.


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