Drama and Splits Build the Left

Elsewhere I’ve described how the social fabric of the left is a series of mappable, one-to-one human connections, and how politicized socializing is a strategy, and advanced concepts in pursuing that strategy.  But I didn’t say what those connections were made of.

star network vs mesh network

I didn’t say they all had to be made of harmony.

Actually, they can be made of hate.


If you have a negative association with a person, that’s still a strong association that structures your life and activity.  Whatever you imagine that person to be doing still triggers responses in your motivations and actions which spur you to greater heights.

Beef, rivalry, enmity, and antagonism on the Left creates energy.

Left unity might not be necessarily impossible, though it might just be founded on or even continuously based on vicious fucking infighting.

It’s not that we pursue splits and drama; it’s that they happen either way.  Sometimes taking hard positions is necessary, and the ensuing drama should not be understood as purely negative, but actually a Left social-fabric-building phenomenon.

Some may object it is actually a Left social-fabric-destroying phenomenon.

Those should reflect on the dialectic unity between creation and destruction embodied by the Hindu gods Shiva and Kali.

Friction forces us to confront unconscious content and make it conscious.


On the topic of splits, or sharp conflicts between two sides, they may seem very negative because they cut the Left in half, and therefore seem to weaken our forces.  It would seem that our ability to call mass actions is weakened.

Maybe, maybe not, in practice.

But how about the positive side effects?

A split attracts tons of attention.  It pulls in an immense amount of people wondering what it’s about, why it happened, who is involved.  It often involves a lot of passion and dedication.  And it forces people to clarify and go into depth on what they actually stand for, something that is often horrifically lacking in a Left that is often vague, muddle-headed, any-slogan-that-sounds-edgy, or lowest-common-denominator.


In metaphase, the cell polarizes, chromosomes align to opposite sides, and division is immediately imminent.

Now, should we do something other than drama and splits?

Lol, obviously.

It becomes a problem if it’s the only thing we do.  And at certain historical stages, the Left is weak, and it is all we’re doing.  It might feel like we’re in one of those moments right now.

But eventually the cycles of history turn, something happens, and we find something to do.

However it is a good point that rather than just waiting for events to spontaneously save us from this drama hellhole, ought to, at some point, actually proactively figure out what our central point of existence is.

What do we actually believe in?

What is our actual goal?

What is our core principle?

What is our coherence?

Maybe this is a point of disagreement.

Maybe there are different factions contending over this.

Maybe we must go into depth over this.

Maybe we need political coherence, or a synthesis between unity and disagreement.

But we do need to stand for something.

In the meantime, though, we will bicker and fight.

And actually that’s okay.

We run off that shit.


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