To plan the economy is to organize the working class, and vice versa

Organizing the working class and organizing the economy are parallel and mutually-reinforcing tasks.

I’ve been working in a grocery store as an Internet shopper, ie people order their groceries over their Internet and I actually do the shopping in the store.  I had no idea where anything in the store is.

I’ve had to ask the other workers in the store constantly to help me find things.

There is a different worker for every department who knows where everything is.


As I’ve been forced to locate everything in the store, I’ve been forced to get to know the entire staff of the store.  There has been a direct connection between familiarizing myself with the commodities, and familiarizing myself with the people responsible for them, by specialization.

Elsewhere I’ve discussed the necessity of creating human social webworks for organizing the working class.  As you come to know commodities you come to know the sections of the working class attached to them by specific labor.

For every commodity, product, or service there is a worker, for every worker there is a commodity, product or service.

social network theory

“We have people for that.”

Mastering a full familiarity with the logistics of the economy is a parallel process to mastering full contact with the entire social network of the working class.

To plan the economy is to organize the working class; to organize the working class is to plan the economy.

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