The Holy All-Against-All

Belief in divinity creates a bit of a paradox.

It supercharges yourself, creates a positive feedback loop between all the phenomena of the universe and your own capacities, making you incrementally more invincible.

But it also potentially does that to your perception of everyone else, and if everyone else believes that, they are doing this to themselves.

Your job is not to worry about that.

This is a holy free-for-all, a holy all-against-all.

Many people who are far dumber and less capable than you already believe in themselves far more than they should.  You should believe in yourself more than them.

And some people frankly have greater material forces than you.  You need moral-metaphysical supercharging to give yourself parity to them.

The side that wins is the side that believes in the Manifest Destiny of its own side.

But I steal the fire from the gods and tell everyone to believe in their own godhood, and everyone to assign themselves Manifest Destiny.

This is the only thing that can level the playing field.

So again we return to the contradiction: we have the potential for simultaneous cutthroat individualism and interpersonal harmony, internationalism and nationalism, human specieism and human-alien friendship.

Basically the idea is, everyone insist on their own side emphatically, and not by avoiding the conflict, but by confronting it directly, through the course of the conflict, the kinks will work themselves out.

Sometimes we work our shit out by getting our shit out.

Sometimes conflict is just a prelude to greater harmony and understanding.

The first contact between foreign peoples often involves war and violence, and later they become intimate.

Sometimes it makes sense to pick our fights, choose the necessary conflicts and dramas and tactfully avoid the ones that are unnecessary and stupid.

But oh boy, are some fights necessary, and to those we have to hammer it home.

Ultimately though, we should only ever accept a peace that is truly and completely amenable to ourselves, and anything else should only be a prelude to another war.


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