Class-Centric vs. Class Reductionist

In leftist debates there is often a reductive clash between two positions, class vs. identity.  There is an important shade of difference to the class stance that often gets overlooked.

It is possible to place class as the most central factor in capitalist society, and in social oppression.

In fact it is necessary to do this.

This is different than reducing all oppression to matters of class.

You can recognize that other social oppressions have a semi-independent existence.

You can address other social oppressions as manifesting themselves as distinct issues separate from economic issues.

It’s often a matter of striking the right balance.

You can still, largely, recognize that the best way to fight social oppression is to fight economic oppression.

You can still realize that social oppression is generated, sustained, and nurtured by capitalism and the dynamics of a society of competition and artificial economic scarcity.

It is possible to be identity reductionist.  It is possible to be class reductionist.

Those are both negative.

The correct path is to be class-centric.


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