Expel the Leadership

Of who, of what?  Of everything, of everyone.

Some introductory social network theory is needed, as well as some explanation of its relevance to democracy.

If you expel the leadership, suddenly a huge hole is created in the functioning of an organization.

An organization is forced to re-find its footing.

expel the leadershipThe members are forced to look around the room and scramble to restore the functions of the organization with other personnel.

New networks are created.  New people are forced to learn tasks that all previously fell in the hands of a few at the center.

Now it’s possible that this new network that forms is itself just another new star network, or at least more of a star network than we wished it would be, perhaps a bit of a star-mesh hybrid.

What’s important is that during this shakeup, the principle and reality of a democratic mesh network is far, far more possible to instill and instate than during the supremacy of the old leadership-based star network.

With the old leadership around, we could talk about the need for a mesh network.  But in reality, for the functioning of the organization, most people would continue relying on the old channels of communication and organization, would spontaneously continue running things past the old leadership, would spontaneously continue using the old star network for the functioning of organizational activities.

During the shakeup, an equal distribution of skills and functions is actually possible to create, while roles are still in flux.

We don’t need them.  They need us.


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