Meditation is Brutal Physical Struggle

They make meditation sound peaceful.  They don’t talk about the salt stinging your eyes from the sweat running down your forehead.

They don’t talk about how you can feel every drop of salt, how you perfectly feel the pain taper off like a curve on a graph in a slow burn, and the exact duration of how long that slow burn lasts.

Stop wishing the pain away.  Embrace it.  You have been raised and programmed by society to view pain as something to avoid.  Embrace pain and discomfort as stimulants, the mere inverse of pleasure, an inevitability at worst, lose your attachment to your avoidance of pain, embrace the full spectrum of sensation that life has to offer.

They don’t talk about how uncomfortable the positions are.  They don’t talk about how you’ll have to fidget into position.

They don’t talk about how there’s a perfect position of medium flexion and tension for your limbs, your torso, a middle between contraction and extension, for minimum exertion.  They don’t talk about how infuriatingly long it takes to find it.  They don’t mention that you’ll have to find that point for literally every part of your body.

They also don’t mention that even once you find that point, it’s never truly a point of relaxation.  Even when you find that middle of minimum tension, it so often involves a minimum tension.  It so often involves some kind of exertion to hold even that position, and you have to hold it the entire time.  This makes the entire meditation session not truly a resting stance but the long-term contraction of a specific muscle.

You might be sore when you’re done.

They don’t talk about that.

They make it sound so peaceful.  They make it seem so effortless, so absent, so perfect, so transcendent.

They don’t talk about how you only transcend your body after, indeed through first becoming aware of every fiber, and indeed struggling against and mastering every part of it.

This is why head-to-toe relaxation guided meditations are so popular and helpful.

They don’t talk about what meditation really is or can be:

It is a total war of your will to dominate your mechanical bodily urges into submission, against their every attempt to enslave you back into being their stimulus-response robot puppet.  Meditation is thus extremely Fourth Way, extremely Left-Hand Path.

It is self-overcoming.

It is self-mastery.

It is self-determination.


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