A quick note on the hexagon obsession

I just thought this quote from the blog HexNet, apparently a site dedicated to hexagons since at least 2010, was completely amazing — apparently I am not the first person to think like this:

…it is my general suspicion that, if you were to map out all the logical relationships of mathematics as humanity has understood and defined them, the hexagon would feature prominently as a recurring theme throughout the entire structure.

As human society advances, we will no doubt find more and more applications for the versatile and efficient hexagon. Whether tessellating our board games, forming our efficiently-enclosed structures, or helping us better understand fundamental mathematical concepts, we will certainly find ourselves living in a more and more hexagonal world as time goes on. Is it any coincidence that science fiction movies and television shows—particularly those set in outer space—often feature hexagonal doors, hexagonal spacecraft, hexagonal architecture, et cetera? I think not. The visionaries and artists of our society have already seen what is coming, and what will be obvious to our descendants: that we live in a hexagonal world, ordered by hexagonal principles. Hexagons may not be a solution to all the world’s problems. They may not even be a solution to very many problems at all. But they will be a solution to some problems, and that is more than you can say about a lot of things.


Go to 4:34 for those sweet hexagonal cake slices. #EverythingHexagons


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