Revolutionary Democratic Socialism

Revolutionary democratic socialism stems from many sources.

It stems from anger at life conditions in the United States, and thus at capitalism and the authoritarian aspects of the state.

It stems from the failure of long-term dictatorships to deliver the liberation they promise, and the way this method has corrupted the socialist movement.

It stems from the recognition that both revolutionary socialism and democratic socialism are correct.

Democratic socialism is correct because socialism must be democratic.

Revolutionary socialism is correct because the USA’s electoral system has repeatedly resorted to rigging and repression to prevent socialism from occurring through official channels.

Capitalism has proven itself incompatible with even basic representative democracy.

Elections under capitalism are illegitimate.  We may participate in them to grow the socialist movement, but we should always understand them to be unfair against us.

Democratic socialists are correct to advocate reforms under the current system, and revolutionary socialists are also correct to remind them that reform is always unnecessarily difficult, incomplete, and temporary.  Revolution is required.  Revolution here means the usual replacement of an old legislature with a new one, through non-electoral methods, preferably mass protest and civil disobedience.  New legislature here means an entirely new governmental body formed by the people, not a change of parties within Congress.

The future legislature would have to exclude supporters of capitalism or dictatorship.  Just as the Union Congress excluded advocates of slavery during the American Civil War, so must a democratic socialist legislature exclude advocates of capitalism and dictatorship, being as they are mechanisms of political disenfranchisement and other injustices against the majority.  The tolerance paradox requires us to exclude opponents of democracy from democratic legislatures, and thus also from democratic socialist legislatures.

Every revolution involves a coup d’etat, a moment in which one force gets the upper hand over another force, whether by trickery, force, or crowd pressure.

Crowd pressure is certainly the preferred approach, though one’s comedic inclinations might make trickery intriguing.  Eastern Europe carried the tradition of carnivalesque nonviolent revolution in 1989.

Some people think that in order to be legitimate, you need to be part of a tradition.  That’s debatable.  Regardless, revolutionary democratic socialism could be:

  • a revolutionary wing of democratic socialism
  • a form of revolutionary liberalism
  • an interpretation of Marxism
  • a pro-revolution democratic defection from Leninist dictatorship
  • an anarchist compromise with anti-authoritarian democracy
  • an Existentialist tradition of people who resist psychological normalization of injustice in their own minds by personally performing material political action
  • several or all of the above

Above all, revolutionary democratic socialism is the next incarnation of the early modern European democratic revolutions, the next wave of democracy.

Revolutionary democratic socialism demands a democratic socialist revolution, which is the highest form of democratic revolution.

The original revolution betrayed was the American Revolution.

The American Revolution was supposed to be a democratic revolution.  Even if that is not what the framers of the Constitution wanted it to be, preferring something more oligarchic and aristocratic, the universal declarations of the revolution suggested the necessity of democratic revolution, created mass support for it, forced the revolution to be at least partially democratic in the form of the Bill of Rights, and democratization has continued manifesting and growing.

Continue the forward march of the Enlightenment.

Finish the American Revolution.

Revolutionary democratic socialism is a continuation of the American revolutionary tradition.

Even if socialists get elected and pass good reforms, we have to keep pushing to socialism.

In addition to the revolutionary parties, revolutionary organizations, and insurrectionist efforts already in existence, we have to organize a revolutionary government to replace Congress, and begin demanding Congress’ dissolution, with all due haste.

I’m looking for a few good Parliamentarians.


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