Chaos, Extropy, Accelerationism: The Tilted Balance

I often find myself asking what the Warhammer 40,000 Emperor should actually do.

I sympathize with his position.  I, too, am a disabled person with strong psychic tendencies in a one-person war against a world of shit.  Such responsibility.

The crux of the whole issue is really how to approach Chaos.

I think the Warhammer Emperor is half-right.  Chaos is dangerous and needs to be contained.

But that doesn’t mean it needs to be exterminated.

In certain situations, chaos is the precise necessary thing…

…especially for fighting chaos.

Order, Extropy, and Entropy: A Different Understanding of Chaos

Life is more than simple chaos versus order.

Biological life doesn’t fit neatly into either category, but instead rides the edge, in the zone of extropy, or the tendency of the universe to accelerate toward higher levels of organization.  Biological life could be understood as matter accelerating toward consciousness.

edge of chaos.jpg

Higher levels of organization are not a drift toward pure rigid order, but rather the blending of order and chaos, in a fractal.

Tilted Balance

It’s no surprise that the balance between balance and imbalance must necessarily lean toward balance.

I mean, come on, that’s obvious to anyone who’s not a baby.

Maybe that seems imbalanced, but that’s the difference between theory and practice.

In theory, you should balance between balance and imbalance.

To survive in practice, you have to lean toward balance.

Two Sides of Chaos: Transubstantiation from Entropy to Extropy

It’s true that, to make change, more chaos can accelerate the process.

But too much chaos can send the process backwards.

Extropy seems to be the opposite of entropy, yet not entirely.

balance order and chaos.jpg

The rigidity of pure order is bad.

However, pure chaos, or entropy, is also bad.

Interestingly, both of them are “static.”

Order is “static” because it is a solid state that doesn’t move.

However, entropy is also “static” because it’s like static on a TV.

Pure order is zero change.

Entropy is so much change so fast that it’s all meaningless.  The result is a continual steady state.

We need the chaos-order hybrid of extropy, but it requires the correct proportions of order and chaos.

Some theorists call this boundary zone “the edge of chaos.”

Finding the correct amount of chaos is like finding the right musical note, the right volume level, remembering a thought, or picking a lock.

It’s trial and error, clumsy zig-zags and overcompensations, until something starts to click, and then you can fine-tune it until you have it about exactly.

Then it goes from chaos to extropic balance.

We don’t want maximum speed.  We want optimum functionality.  That takes the tilted balance.

Overly Negative Toward Entropy?

Entropy is pure negation.  I find it kind of sad that “chaos magick” has taken off to the extent that it has.

What I respect is its existentialist combination of standard physics with magical thought.

This I call “occult existentialism.”  It could also be called magical realism.  However, chaos magick has zero monopoly on that.

You don’t need pure entropy to be an occult existentialist.

The problem is that chaos is non-consensual inherently.  If you can’t predict it, you can’t consent to it.

If you put some kind of boundary on chaos, that’s fine, but it’s no longer pure chaos, only partial.  This is the approach I recommend.

This is why I have argued that perhaps Anarchy Is Order.

This is also the difference between entropy and a fractal.

Fractals have an algorithm.  They are extropy.

Static has no algorithm.  It is entropy.

chaos is not a ladder

These days, with capitalism literally disintegrating our bodies toward death, this difference has become a life-and-death difference.  In these conditions of intensified and accelerating wealth inequality and artificial scarcity, capitalism kills us bio-psycho-socially, imposing entropy, disintegration, and breakdown on our bodies, minds, and social fabric.

We’ve all had too much entropy.

It’s important to remember that organisms have actual needs, including common reference points called bodies and minds, which rely on cyclic sustenance.  This requires a high level of predictability.

It’s important to remember that, while yes, the word “toxic” is misused by social justice warriors, there are things in life that are literally toxic.  If life is a bio-psycho-social confluence, then toxic ideas in excess can indeed break down your body, by making you do unwise things, and decohering the bioelectric coherence of your entire nervous system.  It’s possible to rip yourself apart mentally.

Having done it, I recommend against.

Chaos Trend: Embracing the Wrong Shadow, Too Hard

Many people are attracted to chaos because they see the current system as a form of order, and embrace chaos as a protest against the system.  All revolutions involve a great degree of chaos, as one order is disrupted and another constructed.

There’s a difference between creating chaos to disrupt the current social system, and believing that chaos can realistically and humanely be its own social system unto itself.

The problem with chaos is the ethical nihilism of pure randomness.

The problem with chaos is that pure randomness eventually produces Jeff Epstein.

As Hannah Arendt pointed out, in most societies evil is a forbidden temptation, but in Nazi society it was a mandatory expectation.  Maybe the implicit point is that our modern societies are secretly similar.  Maybe we already live in a Dark Side, ethically nihilist society, and that’s why it sucks.  Marx accuses capitalism of extreme chaos, and Epstein certainly practiced ethical chaos.

All is One…except, apparently, for some things.  Universal unity is canceled due to #MeToo.  Universal coherence will have to suffice.  We can’t include everyone, so we’ll settle for majority rule.

Lots of people joke that if Warhammer 40K was real life, they would side with Chaos.

Get real.  Chaos is slavery, misery, and the obliteration of the continuity of your soul.  Meaning is connection, and self is the connection between your memories, your soul.  Meaning requires continuity.

Consent requires predictability.  Chaos is unpredictable.

A society based on chaos could not be a democracy.  It could not operate with the consent of the governed, but would instead reiterate the continuous chaos of hierarchical competition.  It could not respect individual boundaries, out of an overriding insistence on respecting infinite individual expression at the expense of all else.

In practice, only a few people get to infinitely express themselves, at everyone else’s expense.

Chaos is not liberation.

Chaos is not a ladder to climb to power.

Chaos is a total lack of control.

Liberation is when you get what you want.

Chaos is not that.  Chaos is a random result.  It is almost never what you want.

Pure chaos, as in randomness, does not care what you want from it.

Whatever your inputs, its outputs have no regard.  A truly random entity will do whatever it was going to do, regardless of your inputs, boundaries, or polite requests.  Randomness has no mercy.

That is why an even balance with Chaos is impossible.  Tilted balance is required.  Surf the edge of chaos.

Tilted Balance

Only a noob expects chaos to fight fair.

It doesn’t.

tilted imbalance

Perhaps entropy is fission, and extropy is fusion.

You need some chaos to fight chaos, but chaos will always tempt you to take it too far.

You also have to fight chaos with moderation and organization.

It’s about time division.  You know (1) when is the time for chaos, (2) when is not the time for chaos, and (3) different kinds of chaos, and their correct contexts.

Fight pure chaos by deploying pure chaos against pure chaos, and in no other circumstances.

Entropy is for destruction.  Extropy is for artistic and technological creation.  Order is for stability.

Pure chaos has a lot in common with infinity.  To counteract an infinite force requires containment, by counterpressure equal to the amount of force applied, from all sides.  Destruction is also an option: entities who spread excessive chaos should themselves be disintegrated by bursts of targeted entropy.

This is known as warfare, the ultimate form of organized chaos.

containment shield.jpg

Obviously, attacking the other side is not the main way we win.

The main way we win is by being something better: by having a greater coherence, created by extropy, generated by the correct tilted balance proportion between order and chaos.

tilted balance.jpg

Extropy and Accelerationism

To get to the future, break the universal ying-yang black-and-white stalemate between pure chaos and pure order.

Tilt the balance.  Break the stasis.

Extropianism is a futurist ideology.  So is Accelerationism.

The point of Accelerationism is that there is a connection between technological and political acceleration.

They are both somewhat Luciferian, contending that humanity can overcome the limitations of its environment, both politically and technologically, rather than accepting universal stasis.

The tilted balance model of extropy seems to be extremely useful for both technological engineering and political organizing.

Use it.

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