Community Restraining Order: Emotional Processing

Part of the Community Restraining Order Against Philly Socialists

Emotionally Processing All This

We all got gaslit by the Party.

It’s literally Orwellian.  It turns out there really are people who will say that black is white, that 2 + 2 = 5, insist everyone around themselves agree, and will go out of their way to wreak unholy hell on your life if you ever dare shed light on their deception.

I can still hardly believe it.  I find the reality of it dissociating.  I’m astonished that people, that life, can be as horrible as this.  Philly Socialists has permanently reduced my opinion of the human species.

But why should we be surprised?  Stalinists and Maoists do this exact thing when they’re in power; why wouldn’t they do it at the level of an organization?

I was the fool.  I negotiated with dictators.

Conflict is Not Abuse discusses how the overstatement of harm is systemically used in order to avoid accountability for wrongdoing on the part of accusers.

Sadly, when someone does something like this in a way that continues affecting your life, you can’t actually let it slide.  It would be nice not to call them out, but they started it, and my ability to organize a necessary revolution is still being affected.

Someone has to purge the purgers, call out the SJWs, and in true Salem fashion, finally burn the witch who started the whole witch hunt.

The whole affair truly has turned me into some kind of Lucifer figure against identity politics.

And yes, despite that I am on the edge of death, with heart problems, chronic blinding migraines, split personality, a literally illegal medical situation, and irritable bowel syndrome to top it off, so I can barely type, this was the most important last thing I had to do.

As for the irony of someone who despises callout culture committing a callout, sometimes people are so terrible they force you to fight fire with fire, and it’s not your fault.

All I can say is what Cromwell said after beheading the King:

Cruel necessity.

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