Reiteration is required

Keeping with the recent geometric theme of this blog, August is the eighth month of the year, and so now we can put aside hexagons in favor of eight-sided octagons. I mistakenly thought the rectangle across a hexagon was a golden ratio rectangle. What I know for a fact, however, is that the rectangle across […]

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The callout snowball effect

So someone calls you a bad person on social media or in a political scene.  Maybe they make some clear harsh accusation.  Maybe they just say something darkly vague and that you deserve to be dissociated from. What happens next?  The church choir joins in, the pile-on begins. People add their little stories of your […]

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Samsara is Nirvana

Eastern and Western approaches to life seem on the surface to be in conflict.  In reality they may not be. Eastern spirituality, if we can rudely summarize and generalize, seems based on renunciation, dispassion, and selflessness.  It dissolves conflict. The spirit of the West, on the other hand, is pure ego, individualism, ceaseless limitless self-expansion, […]

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