Class Versus Identity: Can’t Do Both

It’s astonishing class-versus-identity even became a debate. In a nice world, doing both would never have been an issue. This is apparently not a nice world. Obviously this started in the 1960s, with the increasing super-abundance of post-war American capitalism.  This created the material conditions for a growing consumerist liberal upper-middle class who could afford […]

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The Paradox of Trotskyism

I’m a Third Campist. That means, during the official Cold War, I would have opposed both the USA and USSR. Now, it means I oppose both the USA and China. It also means I don’t really see NATO or Russia as the good guys.  Maybe Russia is honestly worse, but in reality I seek the […]

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Nonviolent Regime Change in America

Material inequality negates formal democracy Wealth inequality rigs most American elections, and rigs most elections worldwide Capitalism ensures material inequality USA = Plutocracy; Congress = Oligarchy Economic inequality requires political oligarchy, to enforce material inequality on the majority Oligarchy = group dictatorship/collective dictatorship Oligarchy: more than one person, but no democratic accountability or selection Material […]

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