Community Restraining Order: Conditions

Part of the Community Restraining Order Against Philly Socialists Conditions of the Community Restraining Order Any remaining members of Philly Socialists should first expel the founding leadership and everyone involved in the Stalinist show trial against me (let’s call it what it was), who include: Tim Horras (made their own individual false callout post) Mara […]

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Community Restraining Order: Motives

Part of the Community Restraining Order Against Philly Socialists The Motives First, I was the only person to ever run directly in a competitive election against the group founder, and continued power-behind-the-throne, Tim Horras.  In retrospect, this is widely regarded as a great way to get yourself expelled from anything, but I didn’t know that […]

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Proclamation of the Earth Protectorate

Having long witnessed the species fail to properly govern or liberate itself, I, Emperor Saturn, proclaim the planet Earth to be placed under the Earth Protectorate, to be administered by my sovereignty as Planetary Executor. All reliable citizens of Earth are instructed to immediately carry out regime change in their own countries, installing national regimes […]

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Slow down Remember to breathe Do one thing at a time The balance between balance and imbalance must be imbalanced toward balance Everything in moderation, including moderation =)

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