Trump Believes in Capitalism

It’s possible we’ve over-analyzed Trump.  A right-populist, a quasi-fascist. Maybe the real problem with Trump is that he’s a plain-old capitalist, just very enthusiastically so. To an extent, back in 2016, it made sense to analyze the support for Trump as partially a rejection of the neoliberal capitalist status quo under Obama. But this is […]

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Ketamine Trip

I have chronic blinding migraines.  I recently had my first ketamine infusion as a form of treatment for them.  Yes, ketamine the psychedelic. It works fairly well. As I laid with the ketamine IV in my arm, my father sat in the doctor’s office with me.  My migraines are so bad I can’t drive.  He […]

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THE SHORT VERSION In April 2016 I was expelled from Philly Socialists.  It involved some personal drama which was utilized as weaponized identity, but it was obviously political because I was the main figurehead of opposition within the organization, and the organizational culture was very visibly not mature enough to handle opposition prior to that […]


The Strategy

Consolidate the existing millions of radicals into a mass organization, then grow the mass minority into a majority. Sustain mass organization to prevent radicals from becoming isolated, demoralized, and deradicalized over time. Avoid workplace organizing for now because it’s too difficult, but recruit with the long-term goal of inundating the workplace. Lead and participate in […]

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