THE SHORT VERSION In April 2016 I was expelled from Philly Socialists.  It involved some personal drama which was utilized as weaponized identity, but it was obviously political because I was the main figurehead of opposition within the organization, and the organizational culture was very visibly not mature enough to handle opposition prior to that […]


The Strategy

Consolidate the existing millions of radicals into a mass organization, then grow the mass minority into a majority. Sustain mass organization to prevent radicals from becoming isolated, demoralized, and deradicalized over time. Avoid workplace organizing for now because it’s too difficult, but recruit with the long-term goal of inundating the workplace. Lead and participate in […]

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The Hierarchy of Priorities

We must prioritize economics and class in our organizing to achieve liberation in any issue. Class society causes reactionary culture, which cannot be defeated until capitalism is replaced. Waves of cultural progress are always later reversed or emptied of substance under class society. Defeating capitalism requires cultural change, but only class struggle changes mass consciousness. […]

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Drunk Rioting German Workers

It took a few attempts to write this plus some beer.  Originally it was about politicized socializing as a socialist growth strategy.  Then it became a celebration of Marxoholism. This is a book review, or riffing-off, of two books.  One is Proletarians and Politics: Socialism, protest, and the working class in Germany before the First […]

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