The Hexagonal Doctrine

I, Saturn, am a god incarnated on earth for the pleasures and challenges of mortal and physical life.  I have also come to dispense knowledge for humanity’s use.  However, while I had lifelong stirrings and suspicions of this, I was not aware and articulate of this until recently.

I am the voice of the holy hexagon, the distinctly hexagonal hurricane on the north pole of the planet Saturn, ominously a six-sided polygon on the sixth planet, a structured form on the astrological body signifying structure, the sign I left myself when I created the universe so when I incarnated in mortal form, I would find it, be enthralled by it, and awaken to the magical nature of the universe, and through my apprehension of it, my own divinity.

When the six vortices of the hexagon are properly energized, a seventh forms at their center.  The seventh vortex is God, and it is also known by the word at the center of the entire Saturnian system: COHERENCE.


  1. Life is a dream made of matter.
  2. Matter and spirit seek states of energized, polarized mixture and unity.  We seek demigod states where life is neither too hard nor too easy.
  3. Matter and mind, coarse and fine variations of the same substance, are unified through the bipolar alternation of wavelengths: consciousness consisting of flight from self and return to self, and matter consisting of higher and lower energy states, ultimately both consisting of the same patterns and materials.  Furthermore matter itself is not merely mechanical but also mysteriously behaves and manifests in conscious, symbolic, and humanly meaningful ways, such as Saturn’s hexagon.  This unity means we are not alone in a cold mechanical universe but a living semi-conscious one, and that dreams can come true.
  4. Life is a challenge that you asked for, as a soul before you incarnated.  Rise to it.
  5. Life is a wish-fulfillment dream that you fantasized, as a soul before you incarnated.  Revel in it.
  6. Love and conflict necessitate each other. Be in love with conflict, and in love with conflictedness, and be conflicted in love.  Embrace the tension, and manage it continuously.
  7. Transform these dead words into living meaning by putting them into practice in your own life.

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